Right to be Forgotten

We take privacy and security very seriously here at Boast.  If you have been added to a marketing list or have an inactive account and want to confirm your information is completely removed from our systems – you have that right.

As outlined in our terms of service, when your organizational account is cancelled we will remove information about your organization and information you’ve collected with Boast within 30 days. If you choose to delete your user account from Boast, we will remove information pertaining to your specific user profile from the Boast application.

If you submit a right to be forgotten request we will confirm your information is removed from the Boast application and relevant 3rd party systems that we use to provide our service. The one and only location that is not subject to being “forgotten” is the historical tracking of your subscription payments. We keep a record of who paid us what for accounting, tax, and legal reasons.

  • We cannot take any action on your account unless you have already cancelled your paid subscription or requested your account to be removed from within the Boast web application.

    When you submit a right to be forgotten request we cannot take action until we confirm your information within our system and whether it exists, is pending permanent removal, or has already been removed.

    Once we obtain this information internally we will need to reach out to you via email to confirm the permanent removal or send you the status of your data.

    The email used to submit this form must match the email on your organizational account or user account for us to confirm or take any action on our end.