Engage your community and build trust authentically with user-generated videos

User generated videos engage communities and build trust in an authentic way. Boast helps districts collect user generated videos to use for marketing and promotional efforts.

Why you need user generated videos

When it comes to social media, authenticity matters. People want to engage with organizations that feel personable and native to the platform they’re on. User generated video content allows you to connect and build a following in a way that feels natural.

Benefits of UGC videos

Social proof

People are more likely to engage with an organization that other people already trust and endorse. User generated content is a powerful tool that demonstrates social proof.

Native content

Engaging people and building a following requires authenticity. By engaging citizens to provide user generated videos, districts can leverage UGC to build an online presence that feels natural and native.

Grow your following

People want to engage with districts that are down-to-earth and relatable. User generated content is one way you can create an engaging online presence and attract a strong following.

What is a user generated video platform?

User generated video platforms help districts request, collect, organize, and share UGC videos. Collected videos can then be pushed to social channels or a website, or downloaded to use in advertisements and marketing materials.

Why you need a user generated video platform

While it is possible to run a UGC campaign on a single social platform using a hashtag, or manually, it’s typically best to use a platform designed for collecting UGC videos.

This will give you the most control over the content you collect and how it’s distributed.

The best user generated video platforms allow you to create custom video capture forms, manage consent from submitters, own the rights to submitted content, and set up processes for sharing your user generated videos.

Key benefits of user generated video platforms

Simple user experience

Make it incredibly simple for people to record and submit video content for your district.

Automatic UGC requests

Set up automations to request user generated videos during a campaign or based on triggers you set up.

Incentivize feedbackComing Soon

Offer gift cards or coupons to encourage user generated video submissions.

Easy integrations

Connect other tools you use via Zapier to incorporate UGC collection into your existing processes.

UGC organization

Easily tag and categorize the UGC you collect so you can share the right content at the right time to make the biggest impact.

UGC distribution

Share the user generated videos you collect on your website and social channels with a single click.

UCG video editing

Edit, rearrange, trim, and delete clips from the UCG videos you collect, all within the Boast app.

UCG video automations

Add custom intro and outro videos, title slides, background music, and more to transform your user-generated content then easily automate to all subsequent videos.

Start building your library of user-generated videos today