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Measure and improve customer satisfaction with CSAT survey software

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) is a metric that shows how happy your customers are with a particular product, service, or experience. CSAT surveys are built into Boast to help you understand how your customers feel, so you can improve customer experiences and reduce churn.

You asked, we listened. An all-new version of Boast is in the works, complete with everything you need to automatically create, send, and analyze CSAT surveys.

What is CSAT?

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) is a metric that conveys customer sentiment about a specific event, feature, product, service, change, or interaction. CSAT surveys can be highly effective at pinpointing strengths and weaknesses in specific areas of your business, such as customer support or product performance, but CSAT is typically not the best tool for measuring overall sentiment about your business or organization. For understanding general feelings and customer loyalty, we recommend using NPS surveys.

The CSAT Question

While CSAT surveys can be customized based on what part of your business you are interested in learning about, they should be some variation of the question, “How would you rate your overall satisfaction with [specific aspect of the business]?”

CSAT is typically measured on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being “very unsatisfied” and 5 being “very satisfied.” After the initial rating is collected, customers should be prompted with a follow up question asking more about why they gave the rating they did.

CSAT Question
CSAT Question Follow-Up

Calculating CSAT

After surveying your customers, categorize them into their appropriate group.

Your CSAT score can then be calculated based on the percentage of customers who are Promoters out of the total number of responses. This will give you a score ranging from 0 to 100.

CSAT Calculation

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Boast offers customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey software designed to fit your existing workflow

Boast helps businesses implement CSAT surveys by integrating with your existing tools to send survey requests at the right time so you can collect valuable data without even thinking about it.

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How businesses benefits from CSAT surveys

Know how customers feel about your products or services

CSAT surveys will give you a clear picture of product performance or service delivery. By giving you customers an opportunity to share about their experience, you can learn how to adapt and improve.

Understand customer support experiences

How well your product or service delivers on your promises is important, but how you respond when customer issues arise can often be more important. CSAT surveys can help identify ways to improve your support processes.

Get a clear picture of why customers feel the way they do

Not only do CSAT surveys give businesses a quantitative rating, but they also provide a qualitative description of why customers are happy or dissatisfied. This equips you to make changes and do better in the future.

Track customer satisfaction trends over time

Are your customer satisfaction scores improving or declining over time? Using a standard CSAT survey consistently allows businesses to track trends and identify possible issues before it’s too late.

Benchmark your CSAT against the competition

Because the CSAT question on a 1-5 scale is a standard customer feedback metric, using this method can allow you to compare your customer satisfaction ratings to others in your industry.

Reduce church and grow your business

The ultimate goal of CSAT surveys is to grow your business. When you know how satisfied your customers are and why, you can adapt, improve, and take actions that will positively impact your bottom line.

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Why use Boast for your CSAT surveys?

Easy for customers

The easier it is for customers to take your CSAT survey, the better response rate you will see. Using a tool like Boast to send surveys, record responses, and report on results will help you collect as much valuable data as possible.

Robust reporting

To get the most out of customer satisfaction surveys, you need proper tools for collecting and reporting on the data. Boast offers comprehensive reports to help you identify trends and gain insights for improving your business.

Integrate with existing processes

When you integrate CSAT surveys with your existing processes, you can be certain that the right customers will receive the right surveys at the right times. Boast integrates with 1,000s of CRM and customer support platforms via Zapier so you can set and forget your CSAT surveys.

A single platform

CSAT surveys are just one piece of an effective customer feedback strategy. Boast is a single tool that helps businesses with everything from measuring NPS to requesting online reviews to collecting video testimonials and more.

Companies serious about collecting customer feedback trust Boast

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