How It Works

Boast helps you bridge the gap between testimonial collection and testimonial presentation. With the Boast web and mobile applications, it’s easy for your customers to rave about your business and for you to showcase your praise so you can build credibility and close more sales.

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Add the collection form to your website

Once you sign up with Boast, we’ll give you a code to copy and paste to a page on your website. This allows your website visitors to submit testimonials, sweepstakes entries or other video content directly from your website.

Boast also allows you to collect videos anytime, anywhere with the Boast iPhone, iPad and Android applications. The apps work best when you download them and help your customers submit praise for your business at trade shows, meetings, or your store front.

Try It Out

The form to the right is a live collection form. Try it out and see how easy it is to submit a video with the Boast platform.

You can also download the mobile app for iOS or Android and submit a video using the Form Code Boast Demo.

Create a page on your site to showcase testimonials

Next, we’ll give you an embed code to paste on your site for showcasing the testimonials you receive. After your customers rave about you with Boast, you’ll be notified to approve the testimonials before they automatically appear on your site.

The embed code for displaying your videos is completely customizable. Rate videos to show your favorites first, limit the number of videos displayed, and add tags to your videos to display only the ones you want.

Try It Out

To the left, you see a live example of a Boast display page. This should give you an idea of how your video testimonials can look. Hit the play button on one of the players to see a video testimonial in action or check out our case studies to see how others are using Boast to collect videos.

Ask your customers to submit their praise

As soon as your collection form and the page for showcasing your videos are in place, you’re ready to ask your customers to tell you why they love you. Request video testimonials, use Boast to collect sweepstakes entries, or get feedback on a presentation.

There are so many ways to ask your customers to rave about your business – send out an email newsletter, share a post with your social media followers, ask your clients next time they stop by the office, or take Boast with you to your next trade show or event. Then, you can start showing off your praise on your website, YouTube channel, Facebook page and more!

Ask your customers to submit their praise

Companies that rely on Boast

    • The North Face
    • Whole Foods
    • Hubspot
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • Amazon Blink

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