New Boast has launched! As of February 15th when you log into Boast you will default to the new version and can switch to Classic until you have completed all the upgrade steps. If you have any questions feel free to connect with us over chat.

We have been making enormous changes to Boast over the last 6 months and are now deploying the updates.  The changes are so big that we can’t just upgrade your current account.  We have deployed a new version and when you log in your testimonial submissions will be migrated into the new version as Responses.  Any forms you have created will also be migrated over into the new Boast. Majority of the migration is automatic.  However, any links you have shared to collect testimonials, or code you have embedded on your website to display forms or testimonials will need to get updated.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are a paid customer before we launch the new version to the public you will keep your current pricing.
Pricing will be increasing for all new customers when we launch the new version for public sign up.  

Short video of the steps to upgrade. Take a sneak peek at what is in New Boast.

You can switch between the Classic version of Boast and the new version. Your embed and link updates don’t have to me made immediately, but they should be made as soon as possible.  Any submissions from your old embed codes or links will continue to get submitted into the Classic version and migrated periodically. But, to get the full benefits of the new Boast features you’ll need to update your embed codes and landing page links.  We’ll eventually be winding down the classic version of Boast.

This is what you’ll need to do:

Website form embed codes:
If you currently use Boast to embed a form directly on your website to collect testimonials, you’ll need to update your embed code to the newest embed code.  This is pretty easy, just log in and click “Finish the Transition Process.”  This will show you your new embed codes for each of your forms.  You can also get your new embed codes by clicking on Forms in the navigation, Publish, then click embed on the left.

website form embed codes

Landing page links:
If you are currently sharing a link to collect testimonials you’ll need to get your new link.  You’ll find that by going to your Forms area, click Publish, then select the landing page on the left. This will show you the link to fill out your form directly.  If you’ve done any CSS customizations to your form, you can now edit your landing page directly in Boast. This gives you the ability to change colors, upload a logo and more.

landing page links

Display Testimonials:
If you show testimonials on your website from Boast you’ll need to update that embed code.  You can do this by adding a new Widget. You’ll need to create a new widget and select what types of submissions you want to show. Once you create your widget you can get the embed code and update your  website.

screenshot of widgets listing page


Review your new forms. We’ve migrated over your forms but there are some settings that may not have copied over perfectly.  Use the new form editor to ensure the form is collecting the data you want and looks how you expect.  It’s definitely going to look different, but everything should be even better in the new version of Boast!

What happens if you don’t change these links and codes?
When you log into Boast you’ll be redirected to the new application features.  If you do not update your landing page links, and embed codes any submissions and displays will be shown from Classic. Any new submissions using your old links and embeds will go into Classic Boast.  When you access your “Finish The Transition Process” page, new submissions will be migrated from Classic Boast into the new Boast.  We are doing this to provide everyone sufficient time to update their embed code links.

Summer or fall of 2021 we will alert any customers who have not finished the migration process with a deadline and then will be shutting down the Classic Boast version.  Everything you’ve come to know and love about Boast will be in the new version by the time we turn off the Classic Boast version.

As of this post the only features that Boast Classic has that New Boast does not have is:

  • App store version – The New version does not yet work from our downloaded iPhone / Android app. Boast works fine on  mobile devices, this pertains specifically to the app store version which is used by a small percentage of users.
  • Mailchimp and YouTube integrations – The New version of Boast uses Zapier to implement integrations with other systems (beta). We may implement direct integrations into key platforms in the future. However, in the beginning you’ll need to use Zapier to achieve your Mailchimp, YouTube and other integrations.
  • JSON data feed.

We’re excited about this new version and the features we are planning for the rest of 2021. As always we look forward to helping you collect and share your amazing customer feedback!  If you have questions, thoughts, ideas, feel free to connect with us over chat or send us an email.

– Ryan Doom

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