Our major new version launched in February and our team is still hard at work making Boast better and better each and every week.  Here are some big things you may have noticed in Boast that haven’t been officially announced yet!

Zapier Integration

You can now easily move data between Boast and other platforms via Zapier. After receiving a response in Boast, you can have that feedback copied to YouTube, Facebook, or other platforms. You can also integrate CRM and accounting systems to add contacts to sequences to automate the review request process.  By leveraging Zapier you can connect Boast with almost anything!

Two New Social Sharing Features

You can give your customers the ability to share their submissions immediately to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.  Simply add “Social Share Links” to your form thank you page to enable this new social sharing functionality.

Social sharing links can also be enabled on widgets, which will allow anyone who watches your videos or sees your testimonials on your website to share them to social media with a click of a button.

Widget Updates

We’ve improved the carousel widget and added a new flexible masonry-style card widget.  Our team has also added updated features to style your widgets with custom colors directly in Boast without the use of CSS or other overrides.

Customers on Team and Premium plans can now show “additional fields” data in widgets.  When creating or editing a widget enable “Additional Fields” and any additional questions you asked during the initial submission will show in your widget when a visitor clicks to view it.

Sequence Updates

It’s now even easier to enroll and un-enroll contacts from a sequence. Additional message tokens are available and you now have the ability to customize email subject lines.  View who opened, who clicked, and how your sequences are performing.

Fill Form Fields From a URL

Each field in your form gets a named token that you can pass through a URL to prefill the field, making it convenient to use Boast and your own emailing tools like Mailchimp, Hubspot, Salesforce, and more.


A new form setting has been added to auto-publish any new responses.

Positive Consent Updates

You can now change the text displayed next to the terms and conditions consent checkbox on all plans.

Thumbnail Improvements

Response thumbnails are now easily managed with a new editing experience.

Improved Image Support

HEIC images are now supported in key areas of the application.  Additional data processing has been added to remove any geographical data in uploaded images for increased privacy.

Improved Response Importing

You can now import your own responses from a CSV or Excel sheet. If you have links to hosted videos, we will import those into Boast as well.

And More

We’ve made hundreds of minor enhancements based on feedback from our users after our new version launch.

What Are We Working on in the Coming Months?

Video Automations

Automatically add pre-rolls, outro-videos, background music, and more to your submitted videos.

Video Editing

Make minor edits and trim your submitted videos.

Automated Captions

Video captions will be created automatically and you can adjust them from there.


Improvements for right-to-left languages and additional translation support.

Onboarding Checklists

We’re bringing back our new customer checklist, which provides video guidance to walk you through setting up Boast and adding it to your website.

SMS Sequences

In addition to your existing email sequences, you’ll be able to send messages to customers by text, from a local phone number, to collect more video and feedback from mobile.

Educational Resources

We’re continually updating our knowledge base and creating additional “how to” videos to help you make the most of your Boast subscription.

And More

Plus a slew of tiny improvements throughout the app to improve your entire Boast experience.

Enjoying the New Boast?

If you’re having fun with the new Boast let us know!  We would love to hear about your experience collecting and using videos and feedback.

What Are You Hungry For?

Is there a need that you have that Boast isn’t fulfilling? Feel free to submit a feature idea!

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