4 Big Brand Examples of User Generated Content Campaigns

User Generated Content is content that is curated from your customers. It can be videos, photos or comments that give customer input on your product or service. This type of content helps convert leads by building credibility. Consumer’s trust each other more than they trust brands, in fact in one survey conducted, 63% of respondents said they trust photos taken by customers more than those taken by a manufacturer or seller. Millennials are especially influenced by user generated content campaigns with 84% reporting that user generated content on company websites has at least some influence on what they buy. Curating content from your customers is an important piece of today’s marketing puzzle. Here are 4 examples of user generated content campaigns that converted leads for these big brands.

1. Square’s Customer Product Videos

Square is a payment software that allows businesses to accept payment from wherever they are. They curated user generated video testimonial content to tell the stories of their wide variety of customers. This customer story content paints a relatable picture for potential customers by pulling details about each of their customer’s unique use of square and how it helped them grow. They do a great job of highlighting the benefits of square while also keeping the focus on their customer’s emotional or inspiring story.

User Generated Content Square Stories Videos

2. Sephora’s Buyable Customer Photos

Sephora is a beauty supply company and sells designer makeup, skin care, nail and hair products. They have a feature on their website called The Beauty Board that curates customer photos and shows what products they are wearing. From the beauty board you can purchase the exact look that the customer has on. Especially with makeup, it can be difficult to shop for the correct shade or look online without a point of reference. This board allows customers to buy beauty looks online with confidence by giving them a customer who looks like them to reference. This type of user generated content helps brands increase product sales by featuring genuine, real customers as their models.

Sephora Product User Generated Content

3. Lay’s Interactive Customer Contest

Every year Lay’s, a premier potato chip company, runs a user generated content campaign called Do Us A Flavor to curate new, unique chip flavors. The top 3 finalist’s chip flavors are produced and placed on shelves so that consumers can try the new flavors and vote on their favorite. The winning flavor is then added to to the shelves long term and the customer who won the contest is featured in the campaign and wins money. This type of contest is possible for a large company like Lay’s because they are a well-known brand. Running a user generated contest is not only limited to large brands however. You can run an interactive contest with your customers on a smaller scale to create fun buzz around your brand.

Lay's Do Us A Flavor User Generated Content Contest

4. GoPro’s Social Media Customer Photos

The final example of a quality user generated content campaign is GoPro’s Photo of the Day social media campaign. GoPro is a durable extreme sports camera that allows it’s customers to take amazing photos and videos. To show just how awesome some of the shots their customers are getting with their product are, they feature a customer photo on their social media pages every day. All of the content they curate on social media is then added to their GoPro Award page where consumers can go to vote on the best customer photos and videos based on different criteria. GoPro has done a fabulous job and using user generated content to create continuous viral conversation around their product.

GoPro User Generated Content Social Media Posts

User generated content can be collected and shown in a multitude of different ways. Whatever your company does, you should involve your customers in your marketing strategy to help build credibility and bring in new business. What user generated content campaigns has your business run that have had a positive impact on ROI?

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