5 Tips From KFC’s #HowDoYouKFC Video Contest

Video and photo contests are becoming the new norms when it comes to conducting corporate giveaways. With the technology available today, people can create user-generated content and upload it directly to a site within just a matter of minutes or even seconds.

Kentucky Fried Chicken was one of the latest to capitalize on this trend with their #HowDoYouKFC contest. They set up this contest to encourage people to take photos or videos of themselves showing how they like to enjoy KFC’s products. With the goals of generating brand awareness, increasing sales and capturing product testimonials, KFC successfully engaged thousands of people and garnered tons of free advertising. Below, you’ll find 5 things we can learn from this successful user-generated campaign.

KFC Video Contest

Encourage Interactivity

As part of KFC’s contest, they required participants to take a photo or video of themselves showing “how they do KFC” and upload it to their website. By revolving the whole contest around this idea, they capitalized on showing customers actually using and engaging with their products. This is one of the most effective and powerful forms of advertising. Not to mention, they accomplished more than successfully getting people involved and interacting with their products and brand; they got people to come in and buy their products in the process. Now that’s smart marketing!3

Clear Contest Rules

When conducting a contest like this, one of the most important things to remember is to include contest terms and rules. KFC did a nice job of is including a comprehensive list of things you can and cannot do when entering their contest. This helped eliminate wasteful time spent on both the participant and company’s side. They also made sure to specify what people were going to be judged on – 60% creativity and 40% KFC brand integration – including conditions that helped reinforce one of their goals of generating brand awareness.
KFC Contest Rules

Integrate Social

KFC clearly understands the power of social media. They encouraged people to tweet, post, share, etc. the contest and their submission on their own personal social media accounts using specific tags such as #HowDoYouKFC and #contest. By doing that, they created a global conversation around their contest, which allowed them to reach a much broader and diverse audience both within social media and search engines.

Desirable Prizes

To get people to participate in a contest, there has to be some kind of compelling motivation. KFC was able to entice people to join in on the contest by offering $100 Visa Gift Cards to 14 weekly winners throughout the month of February. My guess is that if the prize was a $5 gift card to KFC, chances are that the number of entries would go from thousands to only a small handful. People respond when they know there is something in it for them.

Collect Submissions On-site

Last but not least, KFC made the perfect, strategic move by collecting and displaying the video submissions on their own site. They compiled all the approriate submissions and made it easy to scroll down and view all the submissions. This encouraged not only traffic to the site, but also more time on the site. They ultimately let the most powerful marketing tool of all – their customers – become one of the biggest (and virtually free) marketing tools for their business.



  • Get creative with your contest, encouraging people to not only talk about your company but interact with your products or services in some way.
  • Make sure you communicate rules and regulations clearly so there is no confusion.
  • Encourage (or require) people to share the contest on social media to broaden your reach.
  • Offer up a desirable enough prize to encourage people to take the time and enter the contest. Trust me, your investment in the prize will pay off.
  • Capitalize on your contest by displaying submissions on your website. This will not only drive more traffic there but will serve it’s purpose in boosting your brand’s persona.


What are some other cool video contests you’ve seen recently?

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