When your customers take the time to leave you a testimonial, it’s important that you thank them instantly. If you collect the testimonial digitally through a submission form, you need to set up a thank you page. There are elements to a thank you page that are essential to it’s effectiveness. Here are testimonial thank you page best practices for you to follow during your next campaign.

Testimonial Thank You Page Best Practices:

#1: Confirm their submission

When a customer submits a testimonial the first thing they want to know is if it submitted successfully. The main element of your thank you page should be text that confirms their submission. Make this text large and bold and use language like “Success!” to ensure they know that their submission is on it’s way to your company.

#2: Showcase your message, coupon, or giveaway instructions

Once you’ve confirmed your customers testimonial submission, the next essential part of your testimonial thank you page is your message. This message should include the information your customers are expecting to see by participating in your testimonial campaign. This includes the coupon or giveaway mentioned on your testimonial contest’s landing page. It could also simply be a couple more sentences to elaborate on your thank you message.

#3: Give them a next step

After your message you need to give your customer a next step. Maybe that is to check their email once your testimonial contest is over. It could also be a link to your testimonial page where their testimonial will appear. Give them the ability to navigate back to your website to view other information they may be curious about. The goal with a thank you page is to keep your customers engaged.

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#4: Show them relevant content

Below the next step, show your customers relevant content. This could be a guide created for the customer base participating in your testimonial campaign, or simply your most recent blog posts. Continuing to be helpful with content will keep your customers coming back to your website.

#5: Allow them to connect with you on social media

Finally, you need to show social sharing buttons to allow your customer to connect with your brand. Either simply link over to your social media pages, or give them the opportunity to share your testimonial contest or sweepstakes on their social media pages.

A thank you page is an essential part to your testimonial campaign. Taking the opportunity to thank your customers will leave a lasting impression on them and help you keep them engaged with your company. When creating a thank you page these best practices will help you ensure your page is the most effective it can be.

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