Your online marketing strategy probably includes a variety of tactics, from social media marketing to search engine optimization and maybe some email marketing. But does it include video? Video is an outlet that is often overlooked by small businesses or those looking to cut corners when it comes to online marketing. What people often don’t realize though, is that video marketing can provide far more value and be far more sustainable than many forms of online marketing. So what’s so great about video? Here are four reasons to include video in your online strategy.

Video content is more engaging.

The first reason to integrate video into your marketing strategy is that it can be highly engaging, more so than any other form of digital marketing. Content that engages your audience and captures their eyes is far more likely to be shared and more likely to make an impact on viewers. It has been said that a minute of video can be worth as much as 1.8 million words and visitors spend 100% more time on pages with video than other types of content. Incorporating video into your online marketing strategy can be a great way to beat out your competition for the valuable eye time that your brand needs.

Video is easy to share.

Another benefit of video as an online marketing outlet is sharability. The more sharable your content is, the more eyes you can get in front of it. Video content is sharable not just because it is engaging, but also because many social platforms are built to encourage both viewing and sharing of rich media. According to Hubspot, 2 out of 3 Twitter users agree that it is worth watching videos tweeted by brands.

Take advantage of user-generated videos.

Not only can video content be highly engaging and sharable, but there are also some very economical ways to go about creating or obtaining it. The recent phenomenon of user-generated video refers to video content that is created by your customers, clients or fans. The widespread use of smartphones and apps such as Instagram and Vine as well as custom solutions like Boast make it easy and fun for your fans to create video content for you. User-generated videos could include video testimonials, reviews, interviews and more.

Video content gives you a face.

Finally, including video in your digital marketing strategy can be a great way of giving your brand some personality. Allowing your audience to see the face behind your brand can be huge when it comes to establishing credibility and giving people a reason to want to interact with you.

There are countless reasons to include video in your marketing plan, and these are just the start. What benefits have you seen or do you hope to see by incorporating video with your brand’s online strategy?

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