Users watched almost 5 billion YouTube ads every day two years ago. Those numbers have only grown and marketers have taken notice of the power of video. 2018 is set to be a big year in video marketing, with a few noticeable trends and big changes on the horizon. Whether you want to start or improve your video marketing strategy this year watch out for these 6 video marketing trends in 2018.

Get Ready For These 6 Video Marketing Trends In 2018

1. 360 Degree Videos Are Up-And-Coming

Last year Facebook announced that over a million 360 degree videos had been posted to the site. Previously, the costs of omnidirectional cameras made it difficult for smaller businesses to make 360 videos, but new smartphone cameras, accessories, portable cameras and other devices have made 360 video more accessible.

Though Apple, Samsung, Garmin and GoPro will likely lead first-adopters into 360 degree video creation and viewing, companies that follow suit will get a big share of the buzz that will surround these immersive videos.

2. More Users Watch Livestreams, Longer

Livestreams allow any social media user to become their very own broadcasting station, and it’s getting more attention than ever. If your audience is between 18 and 34, this is an especially important video marketing trend in 2018; 63% of users 18 to 34 watch livestreams regularly. Users also watch livestreams three times longer than pre-recorded videos.

To livestream successfully, it’s important to advertise beforehand, and make sure all your followers and customers know when to watch. Hosting regular livestreams at a certain time can help to bring in regular viewers. You may also livestream an event, like a trade show, to bring in viewers who weren’t able to attend. You might also livestream a tutorial, interview, Q&A session, or a tour of the company.

3. Shorter, Faster Webinars: Webinines

Over half of marketing videos are two minutes or less. Very few are longer than 10 minutes, and only a fraction of these are watched to the end. Viewers have more demands on their time than ever, which makes it hard to fit an hour-long webinar in. The solution; mini webinars or “webinines.”

Webinines are a shorter version of the full-length webinar, giving helpful solutions in less than 10 minutes. Webinines don’t have to cover every aspect of a problem or solution like a webinar might, just the most common ones.

4. LinkedIn Video Is Set To Grow

LinkedIn hasn’t been known for it’s video in the past, but this may be about to change.

Video production company Wyzowl surveyed a pool of 570 users and marketers to uncover what worked and what didn’t, revealing LinkedIn may play a big part in marketing trends in 2018. Though only 38% of marketers so far use LinkedIn for video marketing, 75% of them found it to be effective.

LinkedIn offers several advantages for video marketers. Since it’s aimed at professionals and networking, video marketing on LinkedIn may be more effective for B2B marketing. LinkedIn also gives ad targeting options based on career, job title, or industry. Since a relatively low number of marketers have taken advantage of LinkedIn video, it presents a chance to get in front of your audience ahead of the competition. LinkedIn is a good platform to showcase powerful case study videos, tutorials, interviews, or even webinines or livestreams.

5. Personalized Videos Maximize Impact

Videos are already the most shared and impactful marketing media, and personalized videos will make an even stronger connection.

There are a variety of ways companies have already successfully implemented personalized marketing videos. This is one emerging video marketing trend in 2018 to strongly consider implementing; the businesses that do it well and do it first will be recognized as innovators who truly care.

  • Customer Service: Instead of making time for a call or sending an impersonal email, some companies create videos where a staff member answers an inquiry directly, using the customer’s name and question.
  • Internal Videos: Some marketing and sales managers send personalized videos to team members, including praise or points of improvement. This creates more contact without the need to coordinate schedules.
  • Marketing: It’s now possible to put select text or images, like a customer’s name or picture, into personalized videos, like the one above for “Lisa.” With the right automation tools, you can even create these videos automatically.

6. Custom Training and Recruitment Videos Are On the Rise

Age-old corporate training videos are out; instead, companies are asking employees and managers to make their own videos. This gives managers a chance to show how a task is actually done, and saves new employees from long, boring training days.

Videos are also showcasing company culture to encourage recruitment. When talented young professionals can see what a company offers, the type of people they might be working with, and what a business is really like, they’re more likely to apply.

Marketers realized years ago that video was an essential part of making connections with customers, but many are still slow to adapt. Whether you’re just experimenting or you’re planning a new and innovative video marketing strategy, these video marketing trends of 2018 will help you get noticed.

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