With today’s expanding digital use and endless resources for insights, it is important to monitor user engagement with your brand and website. Google Analytics is a helpful tool that will provide you with data regarding page views, sessions, and users on your site. This information can tell you what pages are performing better than others so you can strategize each page’s content and engage more users.

Google Analytics Integration for Boast

As a Boast user, you are already actively encouraging users to engage with your brand, but it would be helpful to know when website visitors are viewing your testimonials.

Already have Google Analytics installed on your site? You’re in luck! Boast automatically logs video plays to your Google Analytics account as a custom event so you can see the value that video testimonials bring to your business. This feature tells you the number of times the Boast embed code has been viewed as well as the number of times Boast videos have been played on your site.

What do these numbers mean? One embedded view means that a user visited the page that displays the video testimonials, but did not necessarily play a video. The video view count is the number of times a user has clicked “play” on one of your testimonials.


Accessing Boast Insights

So you have access to all of this information, but don’t know how to get to it? Viewing your Boast stats has never been easier than with Google Analytics.Boast-Google-AnalyticsBoast-Analytics

After logging in, navigate to the left panel and click Behavior.

Once you click on Behavior, a drop down of choices will appear where you can click on “Events”.

From there you have the option to view an “Overview”, “Top Events”, “Pages”, or “Events Flow” set of data. If you click “Overview” it will show your Boast stats toward the bottom of the page.

If you choose the “Pages” option, it will show you how many events have taken place on a certain page on your site. This variety allows you to see your Boast stats many different ways and provides you with the information you need to see how much users are engaging with your content.

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