*Update June 14th, 2018: Due to new Facebook updates, Facebook is now limiting the feature of adding apps to Facebook pages to pages who have 2,000+ likes. If your Facebook page does not have 2,000+ likes, you’ll be unable to add the testimonial display widget to your page. However, by turning on social sharing buttons on your display widgets, you and those who view your display widget will be able to share a link to individual testimonials to Facebook and Twitter.* 

With over 250 million people logging in each day, Facebook has developed a platform for businesses to get their brand in front of the masses in only a matter of seconds. It has become a place to build brand recognition, increase business credibility and create brand ambassadors. With Boast, now you can show off your praises where your devoted fans are following you and your target customers login in every day – Facebook. Get set up to collect and display testimonials on your Facebook page with this step-by-step tutorial.

Let’s get started.

Boast Facebook Integration Video Tutorial

For a live example of the process, check out this video of how we set up the Boast collection and display widgets on a Facebook page.

Add a Testimonial Collection Form to Your Facebook Page

  1. Make sure you have a Boast account and Facebook page already set up.
  2. You’ll want to login to your Boast account and in a separate browser tab or window, login to your Facebook account.
  3. Once logged into Facebook, make sure you’re “acting as” a Facebook user, not acting as your business page. Type “Static HTML iFrame Tab” into the search bar at the top of the web page.
  4. Click “Add Static HTML to a Page”, choose the page you want to add the app to from the drop down menu and hit “Add Page Tab”. If you have multiple pages, you can simply just repeat these instructions to add the app to other pages.

    Add Facebook Testimonials

  5. Once you’ve done that, it will take you back to your Facebook News Feed. You want to get back to your page by selecting the small arrow at the top, right corner of the screen and select that page you added the app to.

    facebook testimonial

  6. On your Facebook page, you have a navigation bar, usually listing: Timeline, About, Photos, Reviews and More. You’ll need to select “More”  then “Welcome”.
  7. Hit “Edit Tab”. This is where we are going to add our Boast testimonial collection form.

    edit facebook testimonial tab

  8. Now you need to jump back over to your Boast dashboard. Once you’re there, select “Collect Testimonials” from the left side.
  9. Select the Collection Forms tab on the left from your Boast dashboard. Then, select the Collect Testimonials button from the form you want to use. Select “Using Your Website.” Copy the code generated in the “iFrame Embed Code” box at the bottom

    testimonial widget

  10. Head back over to Facebook and paste that code you just copied into the text box in your tab edit mode (replacing the filler text they current display in there).

    add display code

  11. Hit “Save & Publish,” then “View Tab in Facebook.” There you’ll see that the collection form was added to the tab on your page.

    facebook review display tab

Add a Testimonial Display Widget to Your Facebook Page

To add the testimonial display widget, we will need to add a second tab to your Facebook page. Follow steps 1-7 to get this started.

  1. Once you have your app added, again, you need to hop back over to your Boast dashboard. Note: You’ll want to leave that Facebook page open because you’re going to return here after you copy the display embed code from your Boast dashboard.
  2. On your Boast dashboard, select “Display testimonials” from the left hand side.
  3. Here you’ll want to select the testimonial form that you want to display from and how (by certain tags, how many at one times, etc.).
  4. Once you’re done customizing, copy the code generated under the “HTML iFrame Embed Code tab.

    Testimonial display code

  5. Go back over to that Facebook browser tab you still have open and paste that copied code into the box, removing that default filler text.

    testimonial display

  6. If you were to save and view it on your page, you’ll start to see your testimonials show up. However, instead of saving it right away, we need to edit this a bit to be able to show all the testimonials at once because Facebook puts a default height on all apps which is not large enough to display these videos and photos. (Don’t worry, this is easy!)
  7. Within that code you just pasted, locate the “width” at the end. Directly after width=”100%” you need to type:  height=”600”     (See below)

    edit display widget code

  8. Hit “Save & Publish” and “View tab in Facebook”.
  9. Now you can see all the testimonials without any of them being cut off.

Change Facebook Tab Names

When you created those apps, Facebook automatically designated default names for them: “Welcome and “Welcome 2”. We can go ahead and edit those to be more descriptive for your page.

  1. Under “More” – Select “Welcome”. This is the testimonial collection form app we added first.
  2. You’ll want to edit the settings of this tab by selecting “Edit tab”. Under “Settings”, you can type in a new name for the tab such as, “Submit a Testimonial”. Then save it.

    edit testimonial widget tab

  3. Next, edit the other “Welcome 2” tab which is your display widget app, and change the name to, “View Testimonials”. Hit “Save” and “View tab in Facebook”.
  4. In order to see the updated names, you might need to refresh your browser.

Add Tabs to Facebook Page Menu

The final step is to add those new tabs to your main Facebook page menu where people can see them easily.

  1. From your Facebook Page home view, select “More” and “Manage Tabs”.
  2. Click and drag your apps to reorder them as desired and hit Save.

    rearrange facebook tabs

Now you’re all set up to collect and display all your favorite testimonials on your Facebook page. Remember, the only testimonials that will show up in the display widget (View Testimonials) tab are the ones you approve through you Boast account.

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