Free tools to help you collect and leverage testimonials for your business.

The Ultimate Checklist: How to Integrate Testimonials Into Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

How to Integrate Testimonials Into Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Learn how to utilize testimonials during each stage of inbound marketing, how to repurpose old inbound content to include testimonials and ideas of new content to create that integrates testimonials.

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Testimonial Request Toolkit

Free Testimonial Request Toolkit

Access testimonial request form submission templates, a complete list of questions to ask customers and three complete testimonial request email marketing drip templates.

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client testimonials

How to Launch a Testimonial Campaign in 30 Days

Sign up for the free course and receive bi-weekly emails for launching your testimonial campaign in 30 days.

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Testimonial Guide

Launch a Business Boosting Testimonial Campaign in 30 Days

Learn everything you need to know about collecting testimonials and using them to improve your sales process.

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Reputation Management

Marketing Executive’s Guide to Reputation Management

Equip yourself with the right tools to monitor and manage your brand’s reputation.

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5 ways to increase website leads using testimonials

5 Ways to Increase Website Leads Using Testimonials

Learn how you can use testimonials as a resource to increase traffic, generate leads, and therefore win new business in a more effective way.

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automate testimonials guide

Step-by-Step Guide to Automating Testimonial Collection

By automating each step of your testimonial collection and display process, you can increase customer testimonials ten fold.

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ult guide to managing negative reviews

The Ultimate Guide to Managing Negative Reviews

People are talking about your brand online, and your prospects are listening. To effectively manage your brand’s reputation in 2019, you’ll need a well rounded strategy.

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