Employee Video Testimonials: The Key to Showing Company Culture

Employee Video Testimonials The Key to Showing Company Culture

One of the best ways to connect with potential customers is to showcase company culture. Posting authentic content on your social media pages and website allows potential customers to get a more genuine picture of your company. Customers are more likely to connect with your brand if they feel like they can relate to your company culture and your employees. One way to show company culture is by collecting employee video testimonials.  Read more

The Importance of Showcasing Testimonials and Reviews on Facebook

the importance of showcasing testimonials and reviews on facebook

Facebook has become a versatile social platform that is used for much more than personal pages. As it has evolved, it has become incredibly important to have business Facebook pages. Consumers expect to be able to find your brand online and on various social media sites. Facebook has cultivated so much information over the years that it has turned into a form of search engine for consumers and businesses alike. That’s why it’s incredibly important to showcase testimonials and reviews on Facebook. Read more

Create a Proactive Customer Service Strategy with Video Content

Video content engages your customers much more effectively than text content. That’s why it’s an important piece of a proactive customer service strategy. Creating videos that your customers can access for common questions, onboarding and other tasks will take some of the stress off of your customer service team, and allow your customers to get their questions answered much faster.

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Amplify Your Cause with Non-Profit Video Marketing

When increasing awareness and support of your non-profit, your greatest asset are your current community of supporters. Many non-profits rely on out of date methods to increase membership and brand awareness. One way to improve your non-profit’s marketing strategy is to increase your video marketing. Non-profit video marketing can be used in a multitude of different ways and will have a lasting impression on potential members and donors.

Amplify Your Cause With Non-Profit Video Marketing
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4 Big Brand Examples of User Generated Content Campaigns

User Generated Content is content that is curated from your customers. It can be videos, photos or comments that give customer input on your product or service. This type of content helps convert leads by building credibility. Consumer’s trust each other more than they trust brands, in fact in one survey conducted, 63% of respondents said they trust photos taken by customers more than those taken by a manufacturer or seller. Millennials are especially influenced by user generated content campaigns with 84% reporting that user generated content on company websites has at least some influence on what they buy. Curating content from your customers is an important piece of today’s marketing puzzle. Here are 4 examples of user generated content campaigns that converted leads for these big brands. Read more

Where to Look to Find Insights On Customer Behavior

Knowing when, where and how to influence your customers with marketing content is all based on research. But it can be difficult to know exactly where to look. There are a few different ways to approach your customer behavior research. First you need to identify questions you have about your customers, and gaps in your customer insights. Then you can use a multitude of tools to fill in the gaps and help you create more useful marketing content.

Google analytics customer behavior insightsCustomer email marketing engagement behaviorCustomer buyer persona insights
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4 Common Testimonial Mistakes To Avoid

Having a strong testimonial strategy is an essential piece to winning new business. Making sure you’re keeping your customers and audience top of mind during each stage of your strategy will ensure you create the most impact with your testimonials.There are a few common testimonial mistakes that many businesses make that jeopardize how effective their campaign is. Here are 4 common testimonial mistakes to avoid.

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6 Powerful Ways to Get More Real Estate Referrals

The Real Estate industry is highly competitive. With so many realtors saturating the market, clients have a lot of options when they choose a realtor to help them buy or sell a home. One of the most effective ways to retain and grow your real estate business is through referrals. It’s reported that 75 percent of an agent’s business comes from referrals and word of mouth – in other words 20 percent of your past clients are responsible for 75 percent of your business. With growth potential relying heavily on referrals, real estate agents should be focusing on things they can do to increase and amplify them.

real estate referral

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10 May 2016
by Kelsey Taber

The Best Practices For Handling Negative Feedback

Receiving negative feedback is a scary but inevitable part of growing a business. Often, businesses feel that removing negative feedback from the public eye is the best way to handle the situation. In reality it’s all about how you respond to the feedback that makes or breaks how it effects your business. In fact, a study conducted by Reevoo found that the presence of bad reviews actually improved conversions by 67%. They also found that 68% of consumers trusted reviews more when they saw both good and bad scores, and 30% suspected censorship or faked reviews when they didn’t see any negative opinions on the page. Having a plan in place on how to handle the negative feedback you receive will help you turn the negative situation into a positive learning experience.

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5 Ways to Create a More Personalized Testimonial Strategy

Having personalized customer communication can strengthen the relationship between your customers and your brand. Marketers have reported seeing an average increase of 20% in sales when using personalized web experiences. By creating a personalized testimonial experience, customers are more likely to have a positive outlook on your brand. In turn, these customers are more likely to be willing to leave you a quality video testimonial. There are many different ways that you can make your content more personalized for your customers. The first step is to figure out your main buyer personas and dig deeper into ways to connect with them.

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09 Feb 2016
by Kelsey Taber
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The Best Practices For Monitoring Your Online Business Reputation

With the vast amount of online platforms that house information about your business, it can be overwhelming to monitor your online business reputation. Dedicating time each week to cultivate this information is well worth the effort because it could make or break the future success of your company. Consumers are highly receptive to online reviews, with as many as 90% of consumers reported in one study admitting that their buying decisions were influenced by online reviews. This means that bad reviews can have a large impact on your business, but positive reviews can have even greater impact if you’re strategic.

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Testimonial Examples To Inspire Your First Campaign

Creating an engaging and effective page to showcase your customer testimonials can be hard when starting from scratch. Just like any other marketing tactic it can be helpful to see examples of what leaders in your industry are doing before you begin to create your own campaign. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of examples that include testimonial content from across the Board. Take these examples and apply them to your own testimonial campaign. What style do you think will be the most effective at influencing your unique customers?

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The Art of Building Rapport Online

Building rapport online with your target audience is difficult. Without being able to communicate with them directly, it can be hard to ensure you’re making a good first impression. There are, however, a few steps you can take to build trust online and create connections with potential customers. It’s all about showing what you do, why you care, and why it matters in a way that forms a meaningful connection.


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Increase Credibility With These 5 Forms of Social Proof

Social proof is the idea that people will conform to the actions of others in an attempt to reflect a popular behavior or make a correct decision for a given situation. By showing social proof for your company’s product or service, this influences consumers to make more rapid decisions.  The more forms of social proof you can cultivate the greater chance you will have to increase credibility for your business. So what kinds of social proof exist? And how do you relate that back to your marketing strategy? It’s simple!

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How To Leave A Lasting Impression With Your Homepage

55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your website. Your website’s home page may be the single most important factor when it comes to building a strong brand presence online. Think of your homepage as a resume for your business. It should convey the most important details and leave users with a strong understanding about what you do, how you do it, and why it matters.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when formatting your homepage.

Leave a lasting impression with your homepage by:

Cutting out the clutter

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5 Ways To Improve Your Website Without A Redesign

A complete website redesign can take weeks or even months, and finding the time and budget to do so can be an even bigger challenge for busy companies. That’s why tackling website improvements in smaller chunks can be more feasible for businesses in a time or budget crunch. There are multiple ways to update your website while waiting for the right time to do a full redesign that can give your website a facelift. Minor updates have the potential to help you improve the overall user experience on your website which, can work magic at increasing traffic and leads.

Here are 5 improvements that can enhance your website:

1. Add Testimonials

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24 Sep 2015
by Kelsey Taber

How To Include Customers In Your Social Media Strategy

Why does your company maintain social media pages? To increase brand awareness, be an influencer in your industry, and share content, right? While all of these things are true, it’s important to remember that engaging your target audience is your main goal. When creating and sharing content on social media it can often feel like you’re throwing content out into the universe. By including your customer base in the conversation, it can start to feel more like a two way street. How can companies work to include their customers in their social media strategy? It’s simple!

Social Media Management

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6 Signs You Should Invest In Testimonials

Testimonials and word of mouth are the driving force behind 20-50% of all purchasing decisions, and yet only about a 3rd of businesses are actively seeking and collecting customer reviews on an ongoing basis. Many companies that lack testimonials on their website are missing out on a large portion of potential customers whose decisions are fueled by social proof. If you are not sure if your company should be collecting testimonials, then take a look at these warning signs to help point you in the right direction.

Positive Customer Testimonials

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12 Aug 2015
by Megan Marsack

Top 7 Places Every Business Should Be Listed Online

85% of Consumers Use the Internet to Find Local Businesses. According to Search Engine Land’s findings, most people surveyed were just as likely to turn to the Internet, as they were to ask for personal recommendations about local businesses. Internet marketing is drastically changing the way customer reviews for businesses are shared. The more readily available you make information and reviews of your company online, the better your competitive standing.

Internet Search

Check out the top 7 places every business should be listed online:

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15 Jul 2015
by Megan Marsack

5 Tools To Optimize Your Customer Service Strategy

78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience. This staggering statistic shows that nurturing customer relationships is an essential part of growing a prosperous business. Sometimes businesses struggle to create an efficient customer service strategy, so answering their customer’s concerns fall to the wayside. There are a multitude of resources out there to ensure that this does not happen.

Here are 5 essential tools that every business should add to their customer service strategy

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5 Website Updates To Help Chrysler Close More Sales

Obtaining a standing position as one of the “Big Three” automotive manufacturers in the United States is an impressive achievement. Having the best cars, employees, dealerships, prices, and website are all contributors to this success. But the industry is rapidly changing and Americans are rethinking how they are buying cars by spending less time in car dealerships and more time in front of their computers.

Buying a car online

It is hard to imagine that such a successful company could be doing anything wrong to potentially damage their future standing. When you take a look at Chryslers website, you will see why they are ranked number 3 in America – but maybe not for long.

These 5 Website Updates Could Save Chrysler From Falling Short Of Their Competitors:

Social Media Sharing

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Use Video Testimonials to Amplify Your Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score is a customer feedback measurement system that has grown rapidly among major industries since it was created in 2003. This system was developed by the founder of Bain & Company’s loyalty practice, Fred Reichheld. What it measures is customer satisfaction and allows companies to find and capitalize on what makes their customers happy and also fix what make their customers unhappy.

How Is The Net Promoter Score Calculated?

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23 Jun 2015
by Kelsey Taber

Why Contractors Close More Sales With Testimonials

Home Renovation

Consumers looking to complete a major, home renovation spend hours of time researching contractors before making hiring decisions. This research is pulled from a multitude of different channels, and the testimonials that they come across during their search process have a major impact on their decisions. The size and price tags of these projects bring to light a list of worries for consumers, and testimonials from happy customers can work magic at easing them.

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How Big Brands Are Nurturing Satisfied Customers and Loyal Customers Differently

You may have read the title of this post and thought, satisfied customers and loyal customers go hand in hand, I already knew that! It’s the logical, but incorrect assumption that many businesses make. Often times it may feel like acquiring a satisfied customer is the first step on the yellow brick road to a loyal brand advocate of your business. The reality is they are vastly different customer groups that have conflicting business impacts, and therefore should be nurtured in different ways.

 The Satisfied Customer: An Attitude

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Benefits of Displaying Testimonials on Your Facebook Page

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become a platform where brands gain exposure and market precisely to their followers and target market to generate leads. Having customer testimonials on your business Facebook page can help build trust and engagement with your target audience. Luckily, Boast seamlessly integrates with Facebook, allowing you to collect and display testimonials right on your business Facebook page.

Advantages of Integrating Boast with Facebook

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Why Your Customers May Not be Submitting Praise

Failed Customer Testimonials

Collecting customer reviews is crucial to business growth and development. They can provide an overall understanding of your customers’ experience with your brand, products or services. Once you receive customer reviews and testimonials, finding a way to use them to benefit your business is the easy part. However, getting your customers to actually submit feedback is the real challenge. There are many different ways you can ask for feedback, but certain factors could be limiting the chance your customers respond. Below are a few reasons why your customers may not be taking the next step to submit a testimonial.

1. Long or Confusing Process

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The Key Role of Brand Advocates in Business Growth

brand advocates

A brand advocate is someone that speaks highly of a person, product, event, organization, etc., without being paid or compensated for it. They have a natural inclination or excitement for that thing and readily share that with groups of other people, having a tremendous, overall positive affect on that brand. Essentially, brand advocates are the underpaid and underutilized cheerleaders of the professional world, and there are four key reasons why you should invest in building up and supporting your own brand advocates. Read more

17 Feb 2015
by Andrea Zoia

How to Use Feedback for Business Development

As a business, you will learn the most from your employees and customers, and their feedback is essential for business growth and development. Without feedback, you will have no idea what your customers really think of your products or services, leaving you with no direction or insight on how to improve and grow. Feedback and testimonials can help push potential customers further into the purchasing phase, but can also provide an understanding of internal business environments, product experiences, and target market behavior. Read more

How to Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out

kioskAttending trade shows is the perfect opportunity to market your brand or products and showcase them to potential new customers. The purpose of trade shows is usually to generate leads and increase sales, but it really should be more about creating relationships with potential customers and providing a memorable brand experience. Because trade shows are focused around a specific industry, it is important to stand out from all of your competitors. Read more

Video Testimonials: The Key to a Memorable LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has become a vital part to not only maintaining a professional presence in our online world, but it has also become an avenue to expand your network and connect with old and new clients. LinkedIn’s unique, résumé-like interface offers a way to show off your skills, expertise, successes, projects and much more. However, you are mostly limited to the sections of information (summary, job descriptions, skills, etc.) that LinkedIn provides every user.

Until now. Read more

Testimonial Management Software: Organize, Edit & Download Testimonials

As testimonials and reviews continue to play a larger role in the sales process, there’s an even bigger need for a way to effectively organize and manage them. With Boast’s testimonial management software, it not only gives you an easy way to collect testimonials and reviews but it also functions as a comprehensive testimonial management tool allowing you to organize your testimonials, edit your testimonials and even download your testimonials. Read more

Lock Boast App in Kiosk Mode on iPad

We live in a high-tech, mobile-world where convenience is everything. If we can’t do something in a matter of seconds, we ponder if it’s worth our time.

This is no exception when it comes to collecting customer stories and reviews. The strength of a customer review goes far beyond a simple ego boost and becomes part of a powerful and effective sales and marketing strategy. But again, capturing these reviews requires organizations to get people to take the time to make them first, which becomes an obstacle in itself. One of the most effective and straight forward ways to go about getting people to participate is to get them on location and on the spot. That’s where the idea of the locking the Boast app in mobile kiosk mode came from. Read more

Customer Review Statistics

It’s one thing to simply tell you all the positive effects customer reviews can have on your business, but it’s another to have some cold, hard facts to go along with it. Customer reviews and testimonials are becoming increasingly powerful in a time when the consumer is trusting businesses less and fellow consumers more. Here are some of the latest statistics about customer reviews that will get you thinking: Read more

09 Apr 2014
by Samantha Dunn

6 Tips for Monitoring Negative Comments on Social Media

Social media has been a business-changer when it comes to marketing and building relationships with customers. There has been so much good that has come from the abililty to interact with one customer, that may be across the world, within a matter of seconds. But with all the good comes the ability for people to put out conflicting and detrimental messages about your business. The key to maintaining a positive brand identity is being ready and willing to respond when that time comes. Here are six tips that will help you combat negative social media publicity and help you stand out as a trusted authority.

Reputation Management

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16 Oct 2013
by Stephanie Sundheimer

3 Tools for Closing More Sales

Closing more sales is all about building up your credibility, proving your worth and helping your prospects to feel comfortable with you and your company. That being said, closing a sale is rarely easy. Fortunately, with the right tools, you can streamline the process of closing sales, allowing for more time on other aspects of your business. Here are 3 tools for closing more sales that can arm you to prove your worth. Read more