When requesting video testimonials from your customers it’s important to make them feel as prepared and comfortable as possible. Many times people are apprehensive to see themselves on video. This causes them to forego leaving a video testimonial all together, even if they’ve had a great experience with your company. In order to create a comfortable atmosphere you need to make the submission process simple and stress free.

Here are 4 ways to make your customers more comfortable submitting video testimonials:

#1: Collect Customer Example Testimonials In-Person

Your customers are going to feel much more comfortable if they have a point of reference before being on screen. To create your example feed you should take time to collect a handful of testimonials in person from willing and outgoing customers. That way you’ll have great examples to place on your landing page for future testimonial submitters to reference. When a customer sees an example it can put them at ease because they now know what the expectation is when submitting their video testimonials.

#2: Give Detailed Direction

Another way to help make your customers more comfortable submitting video testimonials is to give them detailed direction. A customer who is equipped with straightforward questions, steps for submission and some context on where you plan on using the videos will feel more comfortable leaving their video testimonial. By customizing a landing page for your submission form that allows you to layout detailed directions, you can ensure your customer has all of the necessary information to feel comfortable leaving their video testimonial.

#3: Post Employee Recorded Video Examples

If you’re unable to collect in-person customer testimonials to use as examples, use your employees to shoot example videos. This could be employee testimonials where they touch on company culture, or simply an instructional video that goes into detail about how to leave a video testimonial. Having a point of reference for the tone, video length and talking points will take some of the guessing out away from your customers making them more comfortable submitting a video testimonial.

#4: Give them the option to record live or upload a pre-recorded video

Many customers may want a few takes to get their video testimonial right. If that’s the case, doing an in-person video may not be the best option. Instead you should give your customers the option to either record their video live, or pre-record their video and upload it to your submission form. This will take the pressure off of them attempting to get it right in one try and will allow them to submit a video testimonial they’re comfortable with.

When it comes to collecting video testimonials from your customers, the more guidance you give the better. That’s why methods like testimonial contests work so well. Having examples, a set of directions and questions to prompt your customers will ensure that you get valuable and engaging video content. What are some other methods you’ve used to make your customers more comfortable submitting video testimonials? Let us know in the comments!

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