Testimonials give customers confidence in your product. They can resolve a customer’s primary concerns, make them feel good about contacting you, and solidify their decision to buy. What your testimonials do for your business depends largely on how they’re presented. In this blog post we’ll explore 5 testimonial templates, what they do, and how you can get these types of testimonials for your business.

5 Testimonial Templates to Win Over Customers

Product Testimonial Template

product testimonial example
Patagonia’s product testimonials give prospective customers essential information in an organized format.

Product testimonials are ideal for overcoming objections or hesitations a potential buyer might have. Placing these testimonials on the product page or a similar landing page can help to ease the conversion process. Product testimonials for a high-priced product that requires a lot of customer consideration should be longer and more thorough, while product testimonials for lower-priced products requiring less consideration should be shorter.

In a product testimonial, the goal is to highlight the product’s benefits, resolve objections, and describe the product’s use. A simple product testimonial template looks something like this:

“[Product name] had a great [product advantage]. I was a bit worried about [objection], but it wasn’t a problem at all. I love using [product name] when I’m [best use scenario].”

For example, if you have fashion company, the following testimonial might get more customers to make a purchase once they’re on the product page:

“This shirt is so soft and comfortable. I was a bit worried about the size running small, but I normally wear a medium and it fits great. It’s so comfortable and breathable, I can wear it to bed or to the gym, and it looks great day-to-day too.”

To steer customers towards this product testimonial template, you might use fewer open-ended questions, or use targeted prompts. In the reviews on their products, Patagonia highlights selection-type answers, such as “size” or “fit” to give prospective customers information.

Here are some questions you might include on your review form, or some prompts you might use to help your customers create testimonials close to this product testimonial template.

  • What is your favorite thing about this product?
  • Where or how do you use this product most?
  • Did you have any hesitations about buying this product? Did the product resolve these hesitations?

Testimonial Request Toolkit
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Service Testimonial Template

Service testimonials are very similar to product testimonials. These testimonials are ideal for describing what you do while also resolving a potential customer’s objections and giving them confidence in your business. Just like with product testimonials, if your service is relatively low-cost, it’s better to have numerous, shorter testimonials or reviews. If your service requires more investment, you’ll want more in-depth reviews addressing more aspects of your business.

The ideal service testimonial describes what you do, the benefits the customer experienced, and how you resolved objections or hesitation the customer had. The optimal service testimonial template looks like this:

“[Business name] was [positive attribute]. The team helped me [problem the business solved]. I had a problem with [key challenge], but they took care of it right away.”

For example, let’s say you own a landscaping business. You help a customer restore their lawn and gardens after a remodeling project. An ideal service testimonial might look like this:

“The Landscaping Professionals were quick, courteous and very helpful. They helped me restore my lawn and gardens completely after putting in my deck. I was worried it wouldn’t be done in time for my garden party, but they finished the job with time to spare!”

You can get your customers to fill in this testimonial template with a few strategic questions or prompts. On your testimonial submission page, include the following hints:

  • How would you describe our team?
  • Was our team able to solve your problem?
  • Did you have any hesitation about scheduling your service? If so, were they resolved?

Case Study Testimonial

video testimonials case study
Case studies work best with greater detail, which makes video format a natural fit. You might combine video and text, like this testimonial from Ángel Alegre at Vivir al Maximo, for the greatest effect.

A case study testimonial is more in-depth than other types of testimonials. These types of testimonials are ideal for businesses with products or services that require extensive investment.

The ideal case study testimonial not only describes your business and what you provided, but it also describes the customer, the reason they selected your business, and their experience with you. This can help to win over other customers who have the same experience or problem. For a case study testimonial, you want to choose a customer who best represents your target market, so you can reach this segment most effectively.

Case studies will look slightly differently for B2B and B2C businesses. A B2B case study testimonial template looks something like this:

“[Customer name / Business name] Case Study

We are a [information about the customer; company size, industry, etc]. We were facing a significant challenge with our [problem encountered]. This was having a negative effect on our business by [negative business impact of the problem].

When we discovered [your company name], they were immediately [company strength]. We saw significant improvements right away and, after [time as a customer], we have seen [measurable benefit].”

Let’s say you own a cleaning service specializing in small businesses in offices. An ideal case study testimonial might look like this:

“Best Software Business Case Study

We are a small accounting company with ten employees, with each person having their own office, as well as a kitchen and lobby area for our clients. At first, we thought we could keep the office tidy ourselves, but things kept getting away from us; overfilled trash cans, leftover coffee cups, dirty floors. When our clients commented on it, we decided to get a cleaning service.

Local Cleaning Service has been great. They are accommodating to our needs and budget, while also doing a great job. Right away, having a clean space was a load off our minds. We’ve been a customer for four years and our productivity is better, our stress is lower, and our clients are happier ever since we started working with Local Cleaning Service.”

To fill in this case study testimonial template, try the following questions or prompts when you talk to your customer or ask for a written testimonial.

  • Tell us a bit about yourself: (for B2B) what is your industry? How many employees do you have? (for B2C) what were you looking for in a product/service? What is your main challenge?
  • What problem were you struggling with before you started working with us?
  • How long have you worked with us?
  • What was your immediate impression of our product/service?
  • Has your original problem been solved? In what way?
  • What benefits have you seen now that your problem has been solved?

Direct Quote Testimonial

direct quote testimonial template
Cosmetics retailer Lush is known for their dedicated customer base. They use direct quote testimonials on their product pages to give customers more information and compel a purchase.

The direct quote testimonial is ideal for lending social proof to your products or services quickly. This type of testimonial is best for products or services that don’t require much investment or consideration, but could still benefit from a vote of confidence.

This testimonial should quickly and immediately display your customer’s enthusiasm. Your customer might mention your product or service’s best attribute or talk about what their experience was like. Whatever they talk about, it should be clear that they enjoyed the product or service. You might use an entire quote or a piece of a testimonial, but this type of testimonial shouldn’t be too long. It’s better to have more of these testimonials that customers can scan, rather than having a few that are in-depth.

Here is a direct quote testimonial template that is generally good to follow when looking for these types of testimonials.

“I just started using [product or service] and it has been [key benefit]. I feel [emotional response]. I would definitely say [recommendation or response to product/service]”

For example, if you owned bakery, the following would be an ideal direct quote testimonial.

“I ordered a wedding cake for my big day and it was beautiful! It was just what I wanted. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends!” 

To point your customers towards this type of testimonial template, remember that less is more. You’re looking for an enthusiastic emotional response, so the testimonials you receive will depend more on who you ask rather than how you ask them. Even if customers feel strongly about your product, not all of them will give you strong quotes. Try one of the following questions or prompts when asking for direct quote testimonials:

  • Thanks for working with us! How was your experience?
  • What did you enjoy most about working with us / using our product?
  • Can you say a few words about your experience?

Testimonial Request Toolkit
Download our Testimonial Request Toolkit for everything you need to collect raving testimonials from your customers, including editable email templates!

Problem Resolution Testimonial

This testimonial template is similar to the case study, but focuses more on the customer’s original problem and how it was resolved, rather than their overall experience. The problem resolution testimonial is ideal for products or services that are solution-oriented, with a very clear benefit. This type of testimonial isn’t ideal for businesses focused on providing an experience and addressing multiple needs.

For this type of testimonial, work with a customer who best represents your target market, and has also used the product or service in a typical or expected way. This person should have their problem solved, but you don’t want to give potential customers unrealistic expectations.

Here is a problem resolution testimonial template you might use:

“I immediately knew I had a [customer problem]. I needed this resolved [product or service competitive advantage]. [Your business name] did it, and I [overall satisfaction].”

Let’s say you operate a pest control business. Customers that come to you have an obvious problem, and prospective customers want proof that you can solve it. The problem resolution testimonial will address their concerns quickly, and help them make up their mind. Here’s an testimonial example you might get from a customer:

“When I realized I had an ant problem, it was out of control. I needed an exterminator immediately. Pest Control Company sent someone out right away and I haven’t seen an ant since—I would definitely recommend them.”

To fill in this testimonial template, include these questions or prompts on your testimonial submission page, or use these when you talk to your customer.

  • What was the problem that made you call us / order from us?
  • What was the number one thing you were looking for in a solution (fast, inexpensive, high-quality, something else)?
  • How did you feel about our response? Were we able to solve the problem?
  • Overall, were you satisfied? Would you recommend us to friends or family?

There are many different types of testimonials, and you can use these testimonial templates as a starting point to help your customers or design your testimonial submission page. These questions and prompts can help you with text testimonials or video testimonials. If you’re using text, be sure to include an image of your customer as well, so prospective customers know it’s not a fake testimonial. If you’re creating video testimonials, make it easy for your customer to record and submit, or schedule a meeting with your customer so you can help them.

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