Testimonials from real customers lend authenticity to your brand, showcase your strengths, and help other customers learn more about your business. Studies show that approximately 84% of people trust reviews from other customers as much as friends. To make a great testimonial video, it helps to give your happy customers a bit of instruction. Here are a few tips and a template you can use to help your customers make a great testimonial video.

How to Help Your Customers Make a Great Testimonial Video

example testimonial submission form
This is one example for a testimonial submission form you might use. With Boast, you can customize the form’s appearance and fields to suit your needs.

A great testimonial video can put your business’s best aspects on display, and you can accomplish this by making your customers happy and simply asking them for a testimonial. You might ask via email, in-person, at a meeting, or somewhere else. To complete this process, you want to make it as easy as possible to give and submit a testimonial. With a few helpful hints, you can set your customer up for a high-quality, impactful testimonials that takes less than a minute.

Step 1: Create a Landing page and Form

Your customers should have one destination to provide and send their testimonials. The best way to do this is with a landing page. On this page, you can also provide further instructions about how to submit a testimonial, and hints about what to talk about. If you’re incentivizing testimonials with a gift or giveaway, you can provide the details here.

You can use Boast to set up a video testimonial landing page for customers to easily submit their praise. Start a free trial and you can create a form to place on your landing page and start collecting testimonials.

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Step 2: Add Instructions

With a clear and cohesive testimonial landing page, as well as an easy-to-use application for collecting them, you have almost all the pieces in place to make a great testimonial video. You can make this process effortless with the right instructions. The challenge is to provide all the information needed, without overwhelming your customer. We’ll provide a template you might use or modify for your own page in a moment.

Your instructions should provide the following:

  • Show your appreciation for your customer
  • Tell customers what they will need to submit a video testimonial
  • Options they might have if they can’t or don’t want to use video format
  • What they might say or talk about in their testimonial
  • How their testimonial might be used

A Testimonial Landing Page Template

Here is some text you might include on your landing page to help your customer make a great testimonial video or text testimonial. Feel free to use and modify this template as needed. Consider arranging your instructional text alongside the testimonial submission form, so customers don’t have to scroll far to read it.

Great customers like you help us to keep our business going. Your testimonial helps us spread the word and reach other great customers! We appreciate you taking the time to give your opinion.

Submitting your testimonial is easy and takes less than a minute.

  1. Fill in the form. Give your testimonial a name like “Great business!” or “Awesome service!” and a quick description.
  2. Using your smartphone or laptop camera, record your testimonial. Tell us about a great experience you had, or what you love about our business. Don’t be shy! A short 30 to 60 second video is great. If you’d prefer not to use video, input your text in the description section.
  3. Re-record if you didn’t like the first video, or add a photo if you like.
  4. Hit submit and you’re done! Thanks!

A few tips:

  • To make sure your voice comes through, go to a quiet area with minimal wind or background noise.
  • Find a comfortable spot with a nice background, like your office or a quiet place outdoors
  • If you’re indoors, turn on extra lamps for good lighting. If you’re outdoors, find some gentle sun.

What should I say? It can be hard to find the right words. Try one or two of these questions.

  • What’s something that stands out about our business? What do you really enjoy?
  • What problem have we helped you solve?
  • Is our service top-notch? Our staff would love to hear it.
  • How long have you been a customer? What makes you stay with us?

How will my testimonial be used?

We share our testimonials on our website, in marketing materials, and on social media. By submitting your testimonial, you give us permission to share it. If you have questions about how we use testimonials, contact us.

Step 3: Customize Your Testimonial Landing Page

The template above might be perfect for you, or you might want to make some changes. If you’re running a contest or giveaway, add this information somewhere on the page. Also, consider the last paragraph carefully. You may wish to link to a terms and conditions page or a permission statement to avoid legal hot water.

With your landing page constructed and your helpful instructions in place, it’s time to start collecting testimonials. Remember that it will probably take more than one ask to get your customers’ attention, and it’s a good idea to ask in multiple ways. As you continue to exceed your customers’ expectations, point them towards your landing page to show your pride in a job well-done.

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