Consistent Engagement:

Your campaign may be flawlessly implemented and strategically placed on your website, but collecting a steady flow of testimonials is another vital portion of the launch. The reason you’ve setup your campaign strategy the way you have is to collect a high quantity of quality testimonials. Make sure you maintain consistent communication with your customers. Whether you choose to call them, send out emails, or plan an event for collection, the more you engage with your customers, the more quality testimonials you will get out of the campaign.

Consistent Engagement


Create a content calendar detailing a monthly engagement schedule. This will keep you on track with your customer communication. Use this calendar to schedule every email, Facebook post, tweet, and event surrounding your campaign. Once your content calendar is created, stick to it!

Be Timely:

To guarantee a smooth launch, it is smart to allocate an employee to maintain your collected testimonials and deploy them quickly after submission. Having a designated plan will allow you to be efficient. The quicker you start to place the testimonials on your site, the quicker you will begin to see results.

Be Timely


Create a checklist for your designated testimonial person to follow. This checklist should include:

  • Time Frame – When was the testimonial submitted?
  • Marketing Data – Where did the testimonial come from?
  • Organization System- Tagging or labeling the testimonials can help you group them in an organized way, for example.
  • Content check – Is everything submitted up to your standards?
  • Where to put the testimonials – Website, Social Media Sites, in an email, etc.

Maintain Your Campaign:

Your campaign will be most successful if your customers have an easy time when leaving their testimonials. You will truly figure out what works along the way and it’s okay to update your campaign. This will allow you to get the best results and get rid of language or marketing tactics that aren’t as effective.

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Maintain Your Campaign


Set up a system that allows you to track different marketing channels. Use this as a means to up your efforts on channels that are bringing in the most conversions, and slowing down the channels that aren’t working as well. Use the same system to track:

  • Social Media Sites – What sites have the most engagement?
  • Campaign Language – What content brings in the most testimonials?
  • Email Content – What emails produce the highest open and click-through rates?


Update your campaign according to the ongoing data you collect!

Set a Standard:

Make sure you commit to finding a number of clients to leave testimonials a week. Depending on how large your business is, set a reasonable standard and stick to that standard throughout your entire campaign. It’s easy to fall behind on your marketing efforts after the first few weeks of launching your campaign. To get the most out of your experience, stick to a set standard and this will set you up for consistent success.

Set A Standard


Create a spreadsheet, similar to the spreadsheet in week 1, that lays out the different details that are important to you for your collected testimonials. For example, if you would like to collect 5 testimonials a day, and you would like them to answer a variety of questions, make it your standard to meet that criteria. Once you figure out the number of clients you need to reach out to, to hit that standard you will be on your way to hitting the results you have in mind.


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