Having a substantial amount of quality video content is an essential part of your modern day marketing strategy. Of the video content your business uses for it’s marketing strategy, video testimonials are the hardest to dictate. You want to be as hands off as possible to ensure that they are authentic, but this lack of control can often lead to video testimonials that are unusable. Taking time to educate and prepare your customers for the video testimonials they record can help you increase the quality of content you receive. Having set resources and suggestions in place can also put your customers at ease and create a more genuine testimonial feed.

Here are 6 steps you should take to collect better customer video testimonials:

Keep the setting in mind

The setting of your customer’s testimonial can really make or break its quality. To prevent your customers from filming low quality videos, provide them with tips on the best setting to record a video. When your customers are aware of the role their setting plays in the video’s quality, it will help increase the amount of high quality video content you receive from them. If your customer is not tech savvy, this may not even be something on their radar before recording, so by suggesting settings that work and showing them examples, it could completely upgrade their video testimonial and make it a great addition to your testimonial feed.

Personalize with client background

One necessary piece to every testimonial is that it covers the customer’s background and their relationship with your company. To create a cohesive theme among your testimonials, have each of your customers start with this straight forward information. When they start with this information it will help them break the ice and feel more comfortable continuing with their testimonial. These are also extremely valuable details to convey to potential customers because it makes your testimonial feed more genuine. This will also help create connections between your current customers and potential customers.

Provide customers with questions

Providing customers with a few concise and result-driven questions will keep them from rambling in their testimonials. These questions will give them a basis of what to cover and help them to better articulate their experience working with your company. Giving customers these questions up front will give them time to prepare and help them keep their testimonial concise. Take time to write out questions that will allow your customers convey value in their testimonials, and vary the prompts that you provide each customer based on the work you did for them. This will give your feed more variety and allow your customers to hit clear points that, in turn, will help you get the most out of your testimonial feed.

Show them examples for inspiration

Provide your customers with examples of great video testimonials to give them some inspiration. If it’s their first time leaving a video testimonial they might be intimidated or unclear about what to do. Having a feed of examples to show them will help you give them a better idea about what to record.

Collect the videos in person

During client meetings, events, or other in person interactions make it a priority to collect testimonials from your customers. This will give you more input into how the video quality turns out, as well as help you produce more conversational and concise testimonials. In person conversations are much more social, so this will help your customers’ personalities shine. Making it a habit to use these opportune times to collect video testimonials will help you grow your testimonial feed fast with quality content.

Give them numbers and value to work with

Provide your customers with reports that show the value your product or service has given them. Or if this is already a regular practice for your company, time your testimonial requests for when this information is top of mind. Having your customers convey value with numbers in their video testimonials will automatically increase their quality and make them much more impactful.

Equipping your customers with these resources and suggestions, and collecting testimonials at strategic times, will give you more say in the quality of the testimonials you collect. What steps has your company taken to increase video testimonial quality?


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