It takes an average of $4,100 and 42 days to hire new employees. This doesn’t factor in the expenses incurred or the income lost while the position is vacant, either. Many HR managers, business owners, department heads and others are using video interviews to hire new employees faster and reduce costs. You can use video interviews during the screening or interview process to shorten the time frame and reduce hiring expenses. Here’s how.

Use Video Interviews to Hire New Employees Faster

During Screening

Utilize video interviews at this stage of the recruitment process to narrow down your applicant pool before even scheduling a meeting. Ask candidates to answer a few carefully selected questions in a pre-recorded clip. This way, you can learn more about applicant’s personalities, skills and backgrounds before taking the time to schedule in-person interviews.

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Use Clear Instructions

To compare applicants on the same criteria, make the questions and instructions clear. If your questions are too open-ended, applicants don’t know how to submit their video, or they aren’t sure what you’re looking for, your videos are unlikely to be useful.

Well-Defined Criteria

Whether you are using video interviews at the screening or interview stage of the hiring process, well-defined criteria will help you narrow down the pool faster and compare applicants fairly. Decide if the position requires specific skills or experience, or if you’re looking for applicants who are more outgoing, well-organized, creative, or demonstrate leadership.

Keep it Brief

Using video interviews during the screening process can help you save time, but only if you keep the videos short. With these tips in mind, choose three or four questions or prompts, or put time limits on responses.

Matching Questions

To make your video interviews most effective, choose only the questions or prompts that closely match the hiring criteria you selected. If you are looking for a highly social, friendly new employee, you might ask what they enjoy about working with people. If you are looking for leadership attributes, you might ask about a group that they led or a project they directed.

Be Friendly

While you want your video interview questions or prompts to inform your recruitment process and help you hire new employees faster, remember that applicants are also under pressure. Reserve one question or prompt to learn about your applicants’ personalities, and make this easy to answer. You might ask about their favorite book, movie, or pastime, or something unique or interesting about themselves.

Ability to Re-Record Clip

One of the advantages of video interviews during the screening process is the ability to rehearse and plan the response. Make it easy for applicants to record, watch, and re-record their submission. How rehearsed or spontaneous interviews appear can also give you more information about each applicant’s personality.

Organize Clips in One Place

If candidates send their video interview clips in emails, you can easily end up with dozens of different file formats and some clips will most certainly get misplaced. To make the recruitment process easier on you and your applicants, use an app like Boast that allows you to record, submit, store and review videos in one place. Boast will even integrate with the hiring page on your website, with no programming knowledge required, so you can automate parts of the hiring process.

Give Access

Let your department heads, managers, or other stakeholders review the clips as well so they can weigh in and evaluate candidates on their own metrics. When you organize your video clips in one place using the Boast app, you can give login credentials to anyone in your company.

Compare Notes

During the screening process, use a collaborative tool like Google Docs to compare notes on applicants with all hiring staff. This way, everyone can score applicants on the same criteria, with no need to schedule a call or meeting.

Video interviews can be a powerful tool to save time and money during your hiring process. With the right organization, carefully chosen questions, and minimal set-up, you can find and hire the right employees faster.

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