Testimonials play a huge role in increasing sales and building credibility for your business. But not all testimonials are built the same. There are certain qualities that can make one testimonial far more effective than another, and when you are working hard to collect testimonials, knowing what works can make all the difference. When asking your customers to submit testimonials with Boast, here are three key components your should be sure to mention.


Effective testimonials are substantive. While reviews that sing praise for your business day and night are nice, if a testimonial doesn’t explain why or how your product or service is worthwhile, it probably won’t do much for your business. Ask people to be specific when it comes to what they love about you. If you solve some kind of problem, ask your customers to explain their situation and go into how you came to the rescue. The more substantial and specific the content in your testimonials, the better.


One of the most important components of an effective testimonial is credibility – no matter how much praise you received or how great of a review was published about you, if the source of that information isn’t credible, no one will believe it. When collecting testimonials for your business, encourage people to give as much information about themselves as possible. First and last names, companies, titles, and locations are all helpful information that can improve the credibility of your testimonials.


Particularly if your goal is to get prospects to switch over from one of your competitors, testimonials that compare your business to others in your industry or area of expertise can be highly effective. Ask your customers to discuss why they made the decision to purchase your product or work with you rather than your competitors. If there are specific complaints or downfalls that your customers had about your competitors, testimonials that address them can have overwhelming power when it comes to converting more prospects.

With the help of Boast, collecting quality video testimonials that include each of the above components takes less time than you might think. If you have any questions or need help getting started, feel free to get in touch.

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