People look to other people when they need an opinion on a product or service online. If they cannot physically see or experience it, they probably need some additional proof it’s worth the purchase. This is also true in book marketing. That’s where a strong testimonial collection strategy comes in. Seth Godin, author, teacher, entrepreneur and business executive, exercised a strong testimonial strategy in his book marketing plan with the release of This is Marketing.

Building Positive Social Proof With Video Testimonials

What He Did

using testimonials in book marketing

Godin has previously founded two companies, Squidoo and Yoyodyne, and now uses his business experience to educate people and help them reach their highest potential. He released his latest educational business book, This is Marketing in 2018 and has been promoting sales for it on his website.

To gauge his audience’s attitudes toward his book, Godin enlisted Boast’s help to collect readers’ video testimonials. He set up a testimonial page, where people can view previously posted reviews or create their own through the Boast submission form. Using video testimonials in book marketing helped to increase credibility, authenticity, and reader engagement. With the ability to automate the process, he can leverage the power of testimonials without spending hours gathering and posting them.

Why it Works

Building Credibility
Godin posts frequently to his social media and blog to promote the book. Relying on his past experience and current work, he positions himself as an expert who can help others improve their marketing approach. This expertise and position of authority is an essential part of his book marketing strategy—readers have no incentive to buy the book unless they can be certain Godin’s methods work. Through his testimonial collection efforts, he shows that other people back up these claims and proving they are credible. The video element makes these testimonials stand out from many others in the business education sphere, showing readers’ enthusiasm and enjoyment in a way that text alone cannot.

testimonial page submissions
An example of a testimonial from Godin’s testimonial page.

Authentic & Verifiable
Your customers are smart—don’t sell them short. They can spot a fake testimonial from miles away. On Godin’s testimonial collection page, each person introduces themselves with their name and the company they work for, and each review is a little bit different. This offers an authentic feel for customers, and if they really wanted to search the person’s identity, they could simply Google their name. In an age where fake testimonials are common, especially when it comes to book marketing, this level of authenticity reinforces the book’s quality and the author’s character.

Giving Customers a Voice
By creating a platform where customers can easily share their opinion on his book, Godin is helping his customer to be heard. Whether it’s good or bad, Godin is providing a place online where people can share their thoughts. This creates a sense of respect between the author and those who purchase, or are considering purchasing the book.

Gathering More Testimonials
Godin creates a CTA for people to submit more testimonials at the top of his testimonial collection page. This makes it simple for people to find and create their own testimonial on his book. Once the testimonial has been submitted through Boast, Godin can use Boast to automate processes and post it directly to his site once he approves it. He can also share to social media and other pages to show readers’ love of the book to an even larger audience. Since video generates as much as 27 times more interactions than text alone, the testimonials can be a highly effective part of his social media book marketing strategy.

Social proof plays in important part in every business. Your prospective customers look to your current customers to see whether or not your good or services are worth their time and investment. Video testimonials go a long way towards convincing them, and moving past buyers’ resistance. Using Godin’s strategy can also capitalize on your good reputation and expertise, your customers’ enthusiasm, and the following you’ve worked so hard to build.  

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