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Real Estate Testimonials

Real Estate Testimonials

Savvy + Co Real Estate gives Charlotte real estate agents cohesive branding, access to marketing automation and materials, advertising, meeting space, and more.

The Problem

Understanding that clients forge relationships with the agent, but that the authority of the organization reinforces credibility, Savvy + Co gives each agent their own URL, with the Savvy + Co brand theme. Agents choose what information to include and what features or tools to use on their individual sites, including their own testimonial gathering and display page using Boast.

The Solution

Agents using the testimonial feature showcase their clients’ stories and praise, including text, pictures and videos to show they are trustworthy and credible. This not only builds clients’ trust in the agent, but also builds the brand. By giving each agent access to testimonial gathering and display tools if they choose, they can leverage technology they are comfortable with. This way, the tools complement their business style.

Providing an exceptional experience means generating word of mouth advertising, which can be powerful. Testimonials bring word of mouth advertising online, and allow agents to leverage more value from their relationships. This gives each agent additional incentive to go above and beyond for their clients.

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