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Sonic Relief™ provides personal therapeutic ultrasound devices for pain management. Their products help users improve mobility, reduce pain and improve quality of life.

The Problem

Though Sonic Relief’s products have changed the lives of thousands of users, they struggled to organize and display their feedback in an effective manner. This made it difficult to demonstrate the effectiveness of their products.

“Everyone knows how important customer reviews are.”

The Solution

Working with Boast, Sonic Relief was able to effectively manage, organize, display and request testimonials, all in one place. With a website redesign and relaunch, they were able to easily bring over their testimonials and continue collecting them.

“Boast is literally the easiest add-on to our website and business we’ve ever used.”

Asking customers for reviews and collecting them is a challenge, even when your product is highly effective and customers love it. Your customers have many demands on their time, and it’s essential to make the testimonials submission process easy and clear. To use the testimonials you collect, it’s also important to have a platform that is easy to manage, organize, and customize. Boast makes it easy to gather, reviews, manage, and display testimonials where they can be most effective.

“Everyone knows how important customer reviews are. We’ve tried to collect reviews in the past but have never been successful in posting them regularly, organizing them, or even asking for them regularly. Boast is literally the easiest add-on to our website and business we’ve ever used – and since we’re relaunching our website, we see how portable Boast is. Customer service is excellent and the cost is definitely minimal compared the benefit to our company. Highly recommend.”

— Sherry
Sonic Relief

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