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Vivir al Máximo, founded by Ángel Alegre García, sells different online courses to help students create a life on their own terms. Video testimonials from successful students have played a big role in sharing classes, building social proof and helping more students achieve the life that they want.

The Problem

Credible testimonials are an essential part of expanding classes in life coaching. However, this presented a number of challenges for Vivir al Máximo. Collecting video testimonials required either lengthy Skype call interviews with students, which then had to be edited, or working with an expensive professional videographer with a studio, and the student had to be present at the location. Vivir al Máximo looked for a way to collect authentic testimonials remotely, without time-consuming editing or expensive videography.

“In our market, having credible testimonials from your students is key for selling your courses, but in the past, it was a pain collecting them.”

The Solution

It’s important to balance the value of testimonials and building credibility against the resources required to get them. Realizing that lengthy Skype calls and video editing didn’t make sense, but neither did hiring a videographer or using text testimonials alone, Ángel looked for a less involved approach to video testimonials.

Boast allows you to create multiple testimonial collection forms and display pages. It’s easy to send the right testimonials to the right display pages, and you can approve in one click. For Ángel, the biggest benefit was the time and money saved through this easy process. A Skype call or videography session was no longer needed to create a compelling video testimonial. With Boast, the students themselves could submit testimonials directly on a landing page, using only their laptop or smartphone.

“Now, thanks to Boast, we have created a testimonial collection page for each of our courses.”

With some prompts to help students craft their testimonials, and a few well-placed testimonial requests with successful students, Ángel gathered 30 testimonials in just a few weeks. That’s a 23% success rate, which exceeds the usually expected response rate of most campaigns. Ángel’s courses made an impact and, when students were given the invitation to share their experiences, many were more than willing.

“From 130 people who joined the program, we collected 30 credible video testimonials without spending any time on Skype and without spending thousands of euros on a professional.”

— Ángel Alegre García
Vivir al Máximo

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