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How to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates with Testimonials

Before making a purchase, most customers want some assurance that the product or service will be worth their money. Increasingly, customers look towards reviews and testimonials from other customers for this assurance. This is the principle of Social Proof, and it’s part of what makes testimonials effective in increasing conversion rates. In this blog post,…
online reputation monitoring for digital agencies

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24 Online Reputation Monitoring and Management Tools for Digital Agencies

If your clients have repeatedly asked you about online reputation monitoring and management, or you see your clients’ businesses suffering from a poor reputation, it’s time to start building this part of your digital agency. The best online reputation monitoring and management software for agencies don’t have to break your budget; you can build fast,…
using video testimonials in recruitment

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Case Study: Blue Cross Recruits New Hires Using Employee Testimonials

A great way to build positive proof around your company is through employee testimonials. Who better to elect as evangelists for your brand than those who pour hours of their week into working for it? Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana used video testimonials in their recruitment process, with noticeable results. Building Company Culture with Employee…
effective customer satisfaction survey questions

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How to Craft an Effective Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction surveys are a great way to gauge attitudes toward your brand. Are people receptive to your messages? Is the response positive, negative or neutral? The only way to truly find out is to ask. Through the answers your audience provides, you can discover happy clients to turn into promoters, unhappy clients and situations…
Diversify revenue streams marketing Agencies

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9 Ways to Diversify Revenue Streams for Marketing Agencies

According to Ad Age, the majority of ad agency business is now digital. With competition in the sphere growing and technology constantly changing, many marketing agencies are looking for new ways to diversify revenue streams. Relying too much on one large account or one type of work puts many agencies at risk, and diversifying revenue…
Customer Case Study

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15 Case Study Best Practices To Win New Customers in 2018

Case studies are one of the most effective ways to inspire customer confidence and boost conversions. Done correctly, a case study can be a huge asset to your business, and can help you win hundreds of new customers each year. As you prepare your case studies in 2018, keep these 15 case study best practices…
Testimonials in your video marketing strategy

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5 Ways To Use Testimonials In Your Video Marketing Strategy

With videos getting more clicks, watches, and conversions than any other type of media, video has become an essential part of your marketing strategy. Whether you already have a video marketing strategy or you’re just getting started, video testimonials can make your strategy more interesting and more trustworthy. If you already have video testimonials, you’re…
Successful testimonial contest

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Essential Elements to a Successful Testimonial Contest

In order to grow your testimonial feed you need to utilize multiple marketing strategies. One testimonial generating marketing strategy is running a testimonial contest. Find an incentive that drives your customers and have them leave your company a video testimonial as a chance to win a prize. Here are essential elements to your testimonial contest: Contest…
SEO for testimonial pages

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SEO for Testimonial Pages: 7 Helpful Tips

The social proof generated from customer testimonials makes them one of the most valuable additions to your website. By strategically segmenting the testimonials you collect and placing them on your website you can ensure that you reach the right target audience. An important piece to ensuring your testimonial page performs well is optimizing the page for SEO.…