At Boast, we have had the pleasure of working with a large variety of organizations around the world that use Boast to fit their unique needs. One of those organizations – OneTrust Home Loans –  has taken customer testimonial and review collection to the next level by integrating them into their marketing and sales strategies.

About the Company

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OneTrust Home Loans is a residential mortgage lender and servicer that provides an array of forward loan product options including – conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, jumbo, resort lending, and foreign national loan options with sales and operations throughout the country. They also have another sector – OneTrust Senior Lending – that exclusively offers Reverse Mortgage products to Seniors 62 and over who need access to their home equity while maintaining homeownership.

How OneTrust Home Loans Uses Boast

OneTrust Home Loans originally came across Boast when they were looking for a good way to collect customer reviews and feedback on their products and services and integrate them into their marketing and sales strategies. Boast’s web and mobile application made it possible for them to collect customer-generated product and service reviews and display them directly on their various loan officer websites. These photos and videos instantly provided them “credibility and an unbiased recommendation” for their products and services, helping the company to further establish itself as a leading mortgage resource in the country.

Boast makes it so easy to submit and collect reviews from customers but occasionally organizations encounter the obstacle of actually getting their customers to take the time to submit a review. Knowing this, OneTrust Home Loans came up with a foolproof way to make sure they get these reviews by making it part of their overall sales process. In less than 60 seconds, their customers are able to submit feedback with their mobile phone or through an online form, which is then reviewed by the company and uploaded directly to each of their loan officer’s personal landing page websites.

Boast has helped OneTrust Home Loans “overcome any buyer skepticism” and “answer questions from potential customers”. However, the benefits have gone far beyond just increasing the organization’s credibility; they also found that adding these testimonial videos has been “one of the easiest ways to improve our website traffic and sales.” In just one minute, they have been able to build relationships with their customers, gain valuable insight and feedback about their services and effectively market their company as the premier loan provider in the country.

Tesimonial Example

What is OneTrust Home Loans Saying?

“By using Boast testimonials, the reviews and comments from our satisfied customers, can be submitted in text, audio or video format to our website. These glowing recommendations not only answer questions from our potential customers but it also gives us credibility and an unbiased recommendation for our products and services. The endorsements help to overcome any buyer skepticism, and adding these testimonials is probably one of the easiest ways to improve our website traffic and sales.” Cory Gabor, OneTrust Home Loans

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