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Seth Godin has previously founded two companies, Squidoo and Yoyodyne, and now uses his business experience to educate people and help them reach their highest potential.

The Problem

If buyers cannot physically see or experience a product, they probably need some additional proof it’s worth the purchase. That’s where a strong testimonial collection strategy comes in. To gauge his audience’s attitudes toward his book, Godin enlisted Boast’s help to collect readers’ video testimonials.

The Solution

Godin set up a testimonial page, where potential buyers could view previously posted reviews, or create their own through the Boast submission form. Using video testimonials in book marketing helped to increase credibility, authenticity, and reader engagement. With the ability to automate the process, he could leverage the power of testimonials without spending hours gathering and posting them.

Through his testimonial collection efforts, Godin showed how business owners had benefited from reading the book and implementing the practices he outlined, proving that the books’ claims were credible. The video element makes these testimonials stand out from many others in the business education sphere, showing readers’ enthusiasm and enjoyment in a way that text alone cannot.

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