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Michael Zipursky, CEO of Consulting Success, gives business consultants powerful strategies to win more clients and improve their overall business efficiency. Over 6,000 consultants in over 100 countries have benefitted from Consulting Success courses.

The Problem

Zipursky received a wide variety of testimonials and feedback from clients around the world. Some were in the form of text, others audio clips, and others video in various formats. Organizing these and making them cohesive presented a difficult challenge.

To create video testimonials from the feedback provided meant asking the client to record a video. This required the client to find a good recording program and overcome technology obstacles before they could send in their testimonial. Putting this extra effort on the client was not only inconvenient, but also made it more difficult to collect high-quality video testimonials. Zipursky looked for a way to allow clients to easily submit video testimonials without downloading extra software or requiring extra equipment.

“We get clients, case studies and testimonials all the time from our coaching clients… sometimes they come in written form, other times a client would record a quick video and send it in, or it would be audio during an interview… We wanted to have more video case studies and testimonials from clients, but we couldn’t find a good way to capture that information.”

The Solution

To collect video testimonials in one place and to eliminate the need for clients to record videos using their own software, Zipursky looked to Boast. With the ability to store, manage, record and display testimonials all from one application, Boast provided all the features Consulting Success needed to show impressive, consistent video testimonials.

Asking clients to make video recordings was no longer a problem. Zipursky could send a Boast link to any client and they could start recording their video on their desktop or mobile device. With no need to download extra software or learn a new program, the technology barrier was all but non-existent. With two clicks, clients could record their videos and submit them.

“We started to look for a service that would make it easy for our clients to provide feedback… That’s where Boast came in… As (our clients) work through our programs and start seeing results, all they have to do is click one link. Whether they’re on the phone or desktop computer, it’s very easy for them to record a video testimonial.”

Zipursky uses video testimonials in many ways to maximize the effect they can have. By placing video testimonials at key places on the Consulting Success website, prospective clients can see the success of each program right away. By displaying testimonials on YouTube, the reach of Consulting Success expands beyond the website to social media. Sending video testimonials to prospective clients adds social proof to the customer conversion process.

“(Video testimonials are) automatically captured and stored for us, and we can use them in many different ways, whether it’s on our website… on YouTube or we can share it with prospective new clients or we can offer it as different examples to current clients. There’s lots of different ways we can use them.

“(Boast has) made capturing video testimonials for us an easier process. It’s also made it very easy for our clients. … When you make it easy for your clients to provide you with video testimonials and you take the concern around technology out of it, then you’ll end up getting more video testimonials.”

— Michael Zipursky
CEO of Consulting Success

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