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Go Forclose

GoForClose empowers real estate investors to focus on sales and closing deals by providing a specialized team and marketing platform at an affordable rate. They assist clients in finding qualified leads and staying competitive regardless of the market landscape.

The Problem

Real estate revolves around positive customer interactions. Real estate marketing is no different. CEO Josh Miller was looking for a way that clients could quickly and easily submit their feedback, while he could easily display it.

“I’ve been using boast for 4 or 5 months and I love how easy it is.”

The Solution

Boast makes it easy for clients to submit testimonials, and makes it easy for business owners to review and post them. Josh Miller was able to quickly gather testimonials from clients, review them for approval, and post them in seconds. This allowed him to save more time to manage his business, while still demonstrating valuable, reputation-boosting social proof.

“Getting testimonials has always been a chore. Now with boast I can ask my customers to leave a video review. It takes them 30 seconds to leave the review, another 30 seconds for me to make sure I like what it says, and almost like magic BOOM! It is on my website live. Absolutely amazing and love what it does.”

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