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Growth Marketing Pro, founded by marketing specialists Hailey Friedman and Mark Spera, helps business owners and startups develop powerful growth marketing strategies. Hailey and Mark have made Growth Marketing Pro one of the most popular blogs on growth marketing in less than two years.

The Problem

To extend their reach and build social proof for their approach, marketing specialists Hailey Friedman and Mark Spera looked to their video content, and chose Boast to tell their customers’ stories. They were looking for a platform that could tell customers’ stories authentically, without the need for expensive, time-consuming editing or exaggerated effects.

“It helps businesses acquire video content, which is so valuable these days.”

The Solution

Hailey and Mark’s marketing clients share their success stories via Boast, and appear on the Growth Marketing Pro YouTube channel. The videos are brief, but compelling, showing real people and real stories. The unscripted nature of the videos lends to their authenticity, and helps to show other prospective clients and fans of Growth Marketing Pro what they can learn about growth marketing, and what a solid growth marketing plan can do for their business.

Video content gets more shares, more impressions, and makes more impact than any other type of media. Video content is also the fastest growing, with 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube alone every minute. When it comes to reviews and testimonials, videos are also more trusted and demonstrate better social proof, since they are far more difficult to fake. Recognizing the increasing value and importance of video content, Hailey and Mark worked with their customers and Boast to boost their video strategy.

“It helps businesses acquire video content, which is so valuable these days.”

Businesses compete for customers’ time and attention more than ever before. It’s difficult enough bringing a customer to your brand, and it’s even more difficult to get them to share their experience. Acquiring reviews and testimonials that are informative, valuable, and genuine requires more of your customers’ time, which is why Boast makes it as fast and easy as possible. The customer videos for Growth Marketing Pro are only about a minute long, and this means it only takes about a minute for a customer to submit a review.

Utilizing a fast, easy and accessible reviewing gathering platform, Hailey and Mark have gathered impactful video reviews and helped to reinforce their position as growth marketing experts. We at Boast are pleased to have their support, and look forward to more helpful growth marketing tips and instruction from them.

“I just want to say that I really love Boast. The reason that I love it is it’s so quick and raw and real. I love that it captures real humans sharing their honest opinions that are unscripted. There’s somehow something even more valuable in that than a video that’s super polished and edited. I also love that Boast allows businesses to acquire video content, which is really so valuable these days. And it does so without placing a giant burden on the customers themselves. So it’s super easy for a customer to just click and record a quick video. I’m grateful for how easy that’s become.”

— Hailey Friedman
Growth Marketing Pro

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