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Republican Voters Against Trump

Republican Voters Against Trump seeks to cross political lines by collecting and displaying testimonial videos from self-identifying Republican voters who don’t support Donald Trump.

The Problem

The 2020 presidential race was perhaps the most contentious in America’s history. In an effort to move America and the Republican Party back to stability, Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT) looked for a way to connect with Republican voters in an authentic way that inspired consideration, not further conflict.

“Typically, (the videos are) unedited, with no background music or effects.”

The Solution

Using Boast, RVAT collected videos directly from participants, generally with little to no editing. This resulted in authentic, trust-worthy videos from real people. This way, Republicans could speak directly to other Republicans and perhaps show a new or different perspective than the viewers might be used to.

“Typically, (the videos are) unedited, with no background music or effects. It’s a real person. People may not know it consciously, but people know when something is real, they have an intuition about it. They trust it.”

— Chris Herbert
Republican Voters Against Trump

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