Building a strong social media presence for your business is one the the best ways to shape your brand image. By including your customers in your social media strategy, you can leave a lasting impression with your business social media profiles. Using video testimonials as an integral piece of your strategy is a great way to engage your audience. Find out different ways you can promote your customer video testimonials on each of your business’s social media pages.

How to promote video testimonials on social media


Facebook is the bread and butter of your business’s social media presence. Potential customers will turn to your Facebook page while researching your company, so it’s important to make a good impression. There are multiple different ways to show video testimonials on Facebook to promote social proof. One way is to have a general feed of testimonials that are easily located through a tab on your page. Secondly, you could feature individual testimonials on your timeline. Once posted you can create a contest around the content using likes, shares, and comments on the post. Finally, you can turn your customer video testimonials into Facebook video ads that you specifically target to generate new leads.


Creating a company twitter presence is important, but should be approached in an entirely different way than Facebook. Followers on your twitter are following you because they find what you tweet to be interesting, helpful, funny, etc. The customer video testimonials you share on twitter should align with those qualities. You can share individual video testimonials as tweets that help tell a story, or answer a common question about your company. Next, you could run a contest off of your tweeted testimonials based on retweets and favorites. Finally, you could use your testimonial to run a promoted video ad on Twitter.


Sharing your video testimonials on youtube is a no-brainer. Youtube can be used as a place to house your entire collection of customer videos. You can make this even more of an effective practice by segmenting your testimonials and organizing them in different playlists. These video testimonials can also easily be repurposed as video ads that you promote on youtube.


As a strictly professional platform, the videos you post on LinkedIn need to follow suit. Share customer testimonials on your page as posts or as a part of your description that show value through numbers and outcomes. This will appeal to the audience that you connect with through LinkedIn. A second way to repurpose your video testimonials is to run ads on linkedIn. Similar to the posts, these testimonials should have a more professional feel.


The content you share on Instagram for your business needs to be visually appealing and short. Video testimonials of your customers using your product or showing off the aftermath of your service will help you keep a captive audience on Instagram. Videos uploaded as posts on your Instagram can only be 3 – 15 seconds long, so it’s important to find an impactful snippet of your video testimonial content. Also, as an added bonus, when creating Facebook ads you can integrate with your business Instagram account to post those video testimonials as video ads on Instagram.


Using Snapchat’s story feature you can create a timeline of live customer videos at an event, like a trade show for example. Snapchat is a quickly growing platform that companies are slowly starting to adopt. If this platform aligns well with your target audience it can be a unique way to showcase customer praise and experience. Keep in mind that you need to create a following on your company’s snapchat before the story feature is worth your while.

Creating a business presence on multiple social media sites is a necessity to growing your business. As certain social media sites are adopted it’s important to keep up with the social media trends as well. Promoting your video testimonials on social media will help you get the most out of them by engaging a larger audience. What other social media sites does your business use to engage your target audience – comment below!


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