In order to grow your testimonial feed you need to utilize multiple marketing strategies. One testimonial generating marketing strategy is running a testimonial contest. Find an incentive that drives your customers and have them leave your company a video testimonial as a chance to win a prize.

Here are essential elements to your testimonial contest:

Contest Landing Page

Create a landing page for your contest that can easily be shared through your social media pages, email marketing, on your website, and through ads. This page will house your contest’s information allowing your customers learn about your contest and participate.

Testimonial Submission Form

Create a form to collect your testimonials and paste it to your shareable landing page. This will make it easy on your customers who wish to participate in your contest by allowing them to submit their testimonial then and there. Make sure your form lays out any questions you’d like them to answer or instructions you’d like them to follow while recording their video testimonial.

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Rules & Guidelines

Make sure you lay out the rules and guidelines on the landing page to ensure there isn’t any confusion about your contest. Cover information like the timeline of your contest, questions they need to answer in their testimonial to be eligible, and how the winners are chosen. Also make sure you list any legal information to ensure you’re not breaking any laws.

Enticing Prize

Pick a contest prize that appeals to your customer group. You know your customers better than anyone else, so you know what motivates them the most. Shy away from prizes that are generic or given away frequently. Create a strong value proposition to ensure your customers participate in your testimonial contest.

Contest Thank You Page

Once a customer submits a testimonial, it’s imperative to have a thank you page to thank them for their submission and lay out the next steps. This page will have a message that reiterates the contest timeline, gives a summary of the rules, and has a bold thank you message that makes it obvious that their testimonial has been successfully submitted.

Promote Your Testimonial Contest

After all of your campaign elements are in place, you need to promote your contest. Create an email marketing campaign to send out the contest details and landing page to your existing customers. Post your contest landing page to your social media accounts to promote to your social network. Finally, create call to actions on your website that lead to your contest’s landing page. It’s important to promote your contest among all of these areas to increase contest participation.

When executed effectively, a testimonial contest is a great way to rapidly increase your business’s testimonial feed. What are other ways your company incentivizes testimonials? Comment below!

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