Here at Boast we’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of customers. From real estate to marketing agencies, each industry finds a unique way to use Boast to help better their testimonial processes for themselves and their clients. One of those companies, Pure Energy Window Company, has integrated Boast into their sales process and has had huge success at collecting and displaying quality feedback.

About Pure Energy Window Company

Pure Energy Window Company is a Metro Detroit, Michigan window installation and replacement company that specializes in energy efficient windows. They offer a variety of window replacement and new construction options that are top quality. From bay windows to sliding glass doors, Pure Energy Window Company offers everything you’d need to create a more energy efficient home.

Pure Energy Window Company

How Pure Energy Window Company Uses Boast

Pure Energy Window has added Boast into their sales process. After every window installation, they follow up with their customers and request personal feedback on their experience. Once collected, Pure Energy Window showcases the praise on their robust feed of testimonials on their website. Pure Energy Window Company has collected a variety of text, photo, and video testimonials using Boast that show just how efficient their windows are. Customers have praised them for lower energy bill costs, easy to clean windows, and just a great overall installation experience.

Boast has allowed Pure Energy Window Company to showcase real examples of different projects they’ve worked on as well. Not only have they collected written positive feedback, but they now have a robust feed of photos and videos as examples of the projects they’ve completed. When potential customers can visualize what Pure Energy Windows will look like in their home and the positive impact they will have on efficiency, it helps them to increase new customer leads.

Testimonials for Pure Energy Window Company

What They’re Saying

“Boast gives me and my company, Pure Energy Window Company an easy way to collect testimonials from our customers. Pure Energy understands how important it is to let potential customers know how happy past customers are. I like to call it the “If you jump, I’ll jump theory”. Many people are very hesitant to be the first one to do something but once they see other people do it and have a good experience they feel more comfortable. Pure Energy, through an after installation follow up call, discusses our desire to get a customer’s personal feedback about their experience. We have had a great response from our customers about the Boast experience! I have been impressed with how quickly our testimonials appear on our website after they are submitted. It is important to have things handled in a timely manner and everyone at Boast seems to get that. My initial training was thorough and well presented for a web novice like myself.” Adrian Beaver, Pure Energy Window Company President

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