Video testimonials are highly impactful. They’re genuine, sincere, trustworthy, and show the experiences of real customers. However, videos can also be intimidating to customers—they might not know where to start, or might feel a bit awkward. In this situation, it’s helpful to have a video testimonial question script. This way, you’ll be able to guide the testimonial and highlight important information, while still providing a genuine testimonial.

Your Complete Video Testimonial Question Script

close the customer feedback loopThis video testimonial question script works best when you’re interviewing your customer. If you’re not looking for this type of testimonial, you can always edit out the interviewer’s parts later. Remember that this script is just a guide, and you don’t have to follow it exactly. Depending on your type of business, you might change some of these questions slightly, skip some, or add others. The idea is to have a general outline, so you and your customer know what to expect.

For this video testimonial question script, we’ll be using a fictional company, Friendly Landscaping Business, and a fictional customer, Chris. We’re assuming that Chris is visiting our location, and agreed to an interview testimonial.

Greeting and Explanation

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“Hi, Chris! Thanks for coming in today. We’ve worked together for a while now and we all really appreciate your business. And we’re so glad you’re willing to give us a testimonial! This helps us out a lot.

This isn’t going to be real complicated, or take a long time. We just have a few questions we’d like to get your thoughts on, and talk about your experience a bit. Sound good?”

A greeting and a thank you shows how much you appreciate your customer taking the time to give you a testimonial. A quick explanation of how things work will also get you and your customer on the same page. Keep things casual to keep your customer’s mind at ease. Remember that your customer might be a bit nervous about being on camera.

Customer’s Expectations

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“So, Chris, let’s dive in. First off, can you tell us what you were looking for in a landscaping company? Or maybe a problem you wanted to solve?”

A logical place to start your interview is to talk about what your customer was looking for when they first contacted you or started using your product. You might ask about why they contacted you instead of your competitors. Or, you might ask about a particular problem that they were struggling with. This part of the video testimonial question script is important, because it will resonate with prospective customers. Likely, prospective customers are having the same problems or the same experience as the customer you’re talking to.

Your Solution

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“Chris, tell us a bit about your experience with Friendly Landscaping Business. What was your lawn like before, and how is it now?”

Your customer may have already answered this question when they started to answer the previous one. Asking about a customers’ expectations creates a natural segue for them to talk about how your business met those expectations. But, if they didn’t, this is a good video testimonial question to add to your script. At this stage, try to avoid yes or no questions. A question like “were you expectations met?” might result in a simple “yes.” Instead, ask questions beginning with “what” or “how.” This encourages your customer to give more details about your work or your product.


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“You’ve been a customer with us for four years now. We’ve done some tree removal for you, mowing and maintenance, snowplowing, and some work around your new pool. How did these projects work out? Which projects stand out to you?”

Some customers might readily elaborate on their favorite aspects of your business. Others might give shorter, less detailed answers. At this part of the interview, it’s good to ask about details. You’ll want to have some notes about your relationship with this customer, including what services or products they’ve purchased in the past, or specific staff members they’ve worked with. Once again, ask open-ended questions about these projects, products or people.


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“What would you say to others who might be looking to have similar work done, like lawn maintenance or bigger projects? Why do you think Friendly Landscaping Business might be a good fit for them?”

The power of a testimonial is its ability to talk directly to a prospective customer. In this example, Chris has addressed a prospective customer’s concerns in the beginning, presented Friendly Landscaping Business as a solution, and is now overcoming objections in a glowing review. A viewer watching this testimonial can see someone like themselves and listen to their experience with your business. This question is good to add at the end of your video testimonial question script, as it provides a neat and memorable closing.

Now that you have a good video testimonial question script to start with, make a few changes and create your own. Think of a loyal customer you’ve worked with for a while. Explain why a testimonial is important, and be sure to get their permission to use the video on your website, in an advertisement, or anywhere else you wish to display it. Then, simply set up a quiet, well-lit space, start your testimonial recording software, and you’re ready for a great endorsement.

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