People love to get free stuff! It’s that process we learned back in grade school known as the “Law of Reciprocity”- responding to a positive, rewarding action with another positive action.

That’s where the idea of sweepstakes comes in as a powerful and effective tool. In a sweepstakes setup, people would take some sort of action to enter and winners are selected at random. This gives everyone a fair shot at winning and serves as a natural draw. Sweepstakes are one way to get people to commit to share their positive experience with your organization. These testimonials will not only give your company a sense of authority in your area of business but also creates a powerful draw for new, potential clients.

Here are some elements to remember when setting up your sweepstakes to collect testimonials.


In this case, the goal is an easy one- to collect testimonials from current and past clients. Don’t complicate things by trying to collect too much information beyond a simple name, email, and their testimony. Keep it as simple as possible!

Be Visual​

One key we’ve found that encourages people to click and enter has been accompanying your sweepstakes with a good graphic. Display your prize or sweepstakes with a cool, eye-catching picture that draws people in so they want to know more. This is the image you will want to place on your website, share on your social media pages and include in your email to your customers.

Requirements & Rules

Setting clear requirements and rules to your sweepstakes will help remove any confusion and increase the chance that people will participate. Make sure you state who is allowed to enter (clearly, those that have done business with you), how much or how often they can enter and the running dates of the contest.


Be creative when it comes to prizes. You want to offer something that motivates people enough to take time out of their day to enter. It’s also important to connect it back to your business by offering something directly related to your store, your products or your customer’s needs.


While you’re in the planning process, don’t be afraid to send a teaser email to your database. Give them clues that you will be having the sweepstakes, including the dates. Drop hints on what types of prizes you will be giving away.

Once you’re ready to launch, leverage your email database, website, social media profiles and blogs to promote it. These are the most powerful ways to reach that specific audience, provided many of those that receive your emails or follow you on Twitter are already interested customers (or will be). Create a catchy phrase, a swanky graphic and include a link for people to click to enter.

Collect & Build

Once your sweepstakes is over, it’s time to review and reward a lucky winner. Don’t forget to thank them, too! Now is your opportunity to look over all the submissions and upload those to your website and other business sites to leverage as free marketing! This will serve as a way to draw in new clients that visit your website and will also be encouragement for others to submit a testimonial of their own.

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