Is your business capitalizing on it’s current Facebook page? Chances are probably not. The best Business Facebook Pages all have one thing in common – They use Facebook Apps. Whether for a sweepstakes, live content, or customer feedback, top brands are finding what makes their target audience tick, and integrating their Facebook page to increase engagement.

Here Are 11 Integrations To Add Your Business’s Facebook Page:

#1. Social Integration

A smart social media practice is to have a hub that is your central platform for social interaction that you build from with other sites. Many businesses do this by connecting their social sites with Facebook, and integrating social share buttons on their site. Businesses should pick and choose which social sites to develop according to their target audience, and connect their social footprint to increase engagement. These social integration apps can help your business drive traffic through Facebook.

There are plug-ins to integrate each social app individually including Twitter Tab, InstaTab, Youtube Tab, Pinterest Tab. These are ideal for businesses who have one or two primary social pages aside from Facebook that they maintain. There are also a few different applications that can be added to your site to add social pages (and much more!)


Using Pagemodo you are able to add and design Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram feeds directly onto your Facebook page.


Pagemodo Social Integrations

#2. Customer Testimonial & Review Apps

The power of social proof is stronger than ever. One way to leverage your company’s social proof is to showcase the praise of your happy customers. Embedding a testimonial or customer review application directly onto your businesses Facebook page is a simple addition that will bring a lot of lead generation. Displaying your collected customer content on Facebook allows it to be viewed in a more natural way among other engaging content and will help add credibility to your business.


Boast gives you a platform to easily collect, manage, and display customer video testimonials. Integrate Boast onto your Facebook page to collect new testimonials and display the testimonials you’ve collected from your customers. This video tutorial gives you a step by step on how to add HTML tabs to your Facebook page to house Boast and other embeddable applications.
Boast Facebook Integration

#3. Contact or Email Capture Form

Its imperative that businesses work to provide meaningful and engaging content for their target audience, but that content is useless without a following of subscribers. By adding a contact capture form to your Facebook page it gives you another avenue to build your business’s contact list. You can also integrate a contact capture form for specific inbound marketing campaign to increase downloads of your guides and e-books.

Mailchimp Facebook Integration

By integrating your Mailchimp account with your Facebook page you are able to build your Mailchimp email list.

Mailchimp Facebook Integration

#4. Quiz or Poll App

Looking to gain quick insights from your followers? Adding a quiz or poll to your Facebook page increases participation and allows your brand to cultivate a greater amount of responses.

Polls For Facebook

Using Polls for Facebook you can easily integrate simple polls and quizzes onto your page using text, image, and hashtag formats.

Polls For Facebook

#5. Blog

One of the fundamental pieces of your company’s inbound marketing strategy is blogging. If you haven’t worked to create a blog with meaningful and engaging content, you should start today. Blogs are one of the best ways to connect with consumers that find value in your content and therefore your brand. What better way to increase consumer interactions with your blog than to add it to your Facebook page? Adding a blog feed app to your Facebook page will help you automatically show your blog to your following on more than just your website, which will help you influence more people.

Networked Blogs

To quickly and simply integrate your business’s blog onto your Facebook page head over to networked blogs and follow the steps. This program allows you to connect with Facebook, show your blog on your page in a visually engaging way, and keep up with blogs that inspire you.

NetworkedBlogs Facebook App Integration


Another resource to quickly add your blog to your Facebook page is PageYourself. Not only does this site allow you to integrate your blog, but it also allows you to choose from some pretty awesome templates to help maintain your branding.

PageYourself Blog Facebook Integration

#6. Appointment Scheduling Apps

Are you in a business where a high amount of your customer interaction is scheduling appointments, product demos, or conference calls? Then an appointment scheduling app added to your Facebook page is a must. By adding this feature to your Facebook page you give your customers a reason to visit your page which will help increase engagement.


Setmore is a great tool for appointment scheduling. They have a quick Facebook integration that allows you to schedule appointments with customers right from your page.

Setmore Facebook scheduling tool

#7. Customer Service & Live Chat Apps

All businesses should strive for proactive and prompt customer service. One way to achieve this is to recognize customer questions and complaints quickly so that you can respond as soon as possible. Many companies use ticketing systems that allow them to keep up on customer service efforts. Integrating your ticket system with Facebook will allow you to recognize feedback collected on Facebook.


One great ticketing application is Groove. They offer a Facebook integration that turns customer interactions on Facebook into tickets.

Groove Facebook Integration

#8. Podcast & Live Video Feed Apps

Video and audio content is a great way to grab the attention of your consumers. Adding this content to your business’s Facebook page allows you to increase engagement through views, shares, and other social interactions.


Use Livestream to post live video and audio recordings to inform your customers directly from Facebook.

LIvestream Live Video Facebook Appl

#9. Job Listing App

Want to find top talent for your company? Adding a job listing app to your Facebook page can help you do just that. Use this app to post openings at your business with detailed descriptions of the position. This will allow you to target a variety of people aside from just your website and job board postings.


One Facebook Job Listing app is Work4. It allows you to recruit right from Facebook and instantly notifies you with qualified candidates.

Work4 Facebook Job Posting App

#10. Coupons Or Ecommerce Storefront Page App

Are you a product based company that uses an online platform for sales? If so, adding an e-commerce platform to your Facebook page can work wonders at increasing your revenue.


Using the Shopial e-commerce integration app you are able to pull through your product listings from Etsy, Ebay, Shopify, Amazon, and a ton of other sites. Once integrated consumers can shop directly from your Facebook page.

Shopial Facebook Ecommerce App

#11. Contest & Sweepstakes Apps

One of the most engaging ways to get your customers to interact with your brand is by hosting a contest or sweepstakes. This gives a concrete reason for a consumer to go to your page or site and when placed strategically can help to increase brand awareness and loyalty.


Using Shortstack your business can create beautiful contests, and sweepstakes (along with a ton of other options like forms and landing pages). You are then able to embed this content directly to Facebook and other social platforms to increase customer participation.

Shortstack Facebook Poll App


Another app your business can use is Woobox. This app allows you to create sweepstakes and contests and place them directly on your Facebook page. They also offer innovative ways to design and create these entry forms by having features like photo and video contests, prize claim pages, and hashtag contest entries.

Woobox Facebook App

The use of Facebook apps and integrations on your business’s Facebook page is a smart way to increase customer engagement. In a time where consumers can pick and choose what content they pay attention to, it’s imperative to reinforce your brand’s message through multiple platforms.

Does your business use Facebook apps and integrations? Comment below with the apps you currently use or if there are any notable apps I didn’t mention in my post.


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