The fastest growing companies with the most loyal followers and the best customer service focus a lot on word-of-mouth, and they get a lot back. Many of these companies never place TV advertisements, or cash in big bucks on advertising in general. Instead, they spotlight their customers and use lead-generating testimonials pages to generate trust, confidence, and authority.

While these brands may not (yet) have the recognition of Pepsi, Apple or Amazon, and other brands topping Fortune charts, their customer evangelists are some of the most loyal and vocal, with very little incentive required. These cult followings and the free advertising that come with them might seem like magic to some, but these companies take care to give their customers attention, and show it in the right places, in the right ways. Take a look at the lead-generating website testimonial pages from these most-loved brands to get inspired for your next page.

10 Examples of Lead-Generating Website Testimonial Pages From the World’s Most-Loved Brands

1. Basecamp

Basecamp, a SaaS tool helping businesses manage teams and tasks, takes a unique approach with their testimonials page. While it’s unlikely that you’ll read literally a thousand testimonials, that long list of customer approval that scrolls for days certainly makes an impression. Keep in mind that they could’ve organized these over several pages you could click through, but make the conscious choice to make one endlessly scrolling list. If customers had any doubt about users’ feelings towards Basecamp, they won’t after reading, say, fifty or a hundred of these.

Basecamp Testimonial Page

2. Slack

As a messaging app, Slack moved into arguably the most competitive SaaS sphere. By aligning with tech-savvy business owners, listening to their needs, and working collaboratively with them, they created an almost-cult-following in this tough market. Slack’s lead-generating testimonials page features the cool things their customers are doing, starting with a compelling project from NASA. For potential customers considering Slack, these high-tech, complex projects show the caliber of team communication that’s possible on Slack. With this tactical placement, Slack shows that, though using the app isn’t rocket science, it certainly can support it.

Slack Testimonial Page

3. Zendesk

As a platform focused on customer service, Zendesk makes sure their own customer service is top-notch. This means a lot of happy Zendesk users, and the company leverages their sentiment in two different lead-generated website testimonial pages; customer stories and Zendesk reviews. With their testimonials organized this way, new customers can learn more about the specific ways star clients use Zendesk, or they can scan a page and see customer approval and high-profile users.

Zendesk testimonial page

4. Eventbrite

No event can be successful without the right people, including both attendees and organizers. Understanding this concept well, event booking site Eventbrite spotlights some of their best organizers and most well-known events booked on their platform. Putting their most famous clients at the top of the list, like Wholefoods and the Tribeca Film Festival, Eventbrite gets clout in a tough industry. Eventbrite uses artful media combination, including a short, scannable page design, quick quotes for the reader, and videos for the watchers. With all media bases covered, they can convert the most visitors into leads.

Eventbrite Testimonial Pages

5. Dollar Shave Club

A disposable product like shaving razors wouldn’t usually have reviews, since these products are cheap and people don’t invest much thought before buying them. However, Dollar Shave Club sells a subscription service, and loyalty is a huge part of their customer base. Viral online ad campaigns and positive customer sentiment are two factors turning what might have been a fad into an aggressively growing business. Dollar Shave Club’s lead-generating testimonials page showcases quantity—over 32,000 reviews—as well as quality, by keeping the reviews honest. They aren’t all five-stars, and that’s OK. Showing all reviews shows that the company is confident in the job that they do, and they accept criticism.

Dollar shave club Testimonial Page

6. Airbnb

Airbnb has always known that their platform is all about experiences, including those of both guests and hosts. Besides their remarkable user-generated content, Airbnb showcases the truly exceptional guest stories on their website. These stories, including a host that opened her home for free during Hurricane Sandy and a young student who was inspired to change his career, not only builds a heart-warming feeling towards the platform, but accomplishes Airbnb’s biggest branding goal; making travel an experience.

Airbnb Testimonial Page

7. Patagonia

In the world of five-minute fashion, Patagonia sets themselves apart with apparel that is truly made to last. This fits perfectly with their brand position snugly between sustainability and outdoor adventure. The “Worn Wear” part of their site even offers repair services to keep your Patagonia gear going. The “Stories We Wear” section takes this one step further by verifying, through customer testimonials, that Patagonia apparel really is designed to last. With stories from car accidents, tropical fishing boats, mountainside weddings, Appalachian hiking trips and much more, customers can see the true lengths that their Patagonia gear can go. With pictures, videos and great detail, visitors to this lead-generating testimonials webpage can see and read the authenticity.

Patagonia Testimonial Page

8. Adobe

Adobe has produced exceptional software for decades and continues to be the go-to resource for creative works. Their dedicated customer base has also allowed them to expand into other business offerings for business solutions, marketing analytics and more. Regardless of industry, Adobe is heavily focused on customers and results. Their lead-generating testimonials page features a series of case studies divided by product type, so prospective customers can find more information on anything they’re looking for.

Adobe Testimonial Page

9. Nike

Recognizing that high quality was no longer enough in the competitive industry of athletic apparel, Nike took a closer look at their marketing approach early on in the race. They realized that their endorsements, following, and goal-oriented, determined image were key to really reaching athletes. They also realized that community was important to Nike fans and fitness fans in general. The Nike Run Club (NRC) and member spotlight combines all of these factors into an unconventional, but undeniable lead-generating website testimonial page. NRC members that break the mold, though who aren’t necessarily celebrities, share their stories, including what fitness, NRC, and Nike means in their lives.

Nike Testimonial Page

10. CrossFit

The following behind CrossFit has become something between famous and infamous, but no doubt made of very loyal fans. To not only demonstrate what CrossFit can do, but also provide instruction for new users looking to take their fitness to the next level, CrossFit made The Journal, a testimonials page that reads more like a fitness/motivational blog. Motivating, teaching and including fans at all levels with text, pictures and videos, this testimonials page works perfectly.

CrossFit Testimonial Page

11. Home Partners of America

Owning a home is a big priority for most Americans, but the pathway to homeownership is far from easy or risk-free. Home Partners of America generates immense loyalty from its clients by providing a more stable path to a family’s biggest asset: their home. With several spotlighted video testimonials at the top of the page, several more below it, and a number of written reviews beneath those, Home Partners of America demonstrates its strong and growing customer loyalty and trust.

Home Partners of America Testimonial Page

12. Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU)

Costs of tuition, and finding a college path that is rewarding as well as practical is a big challenge facing most students and families in America today. Saginaw Valley State University’s (SVSU) testimonials bring students together and demonstrate to incoming freshman how powerful their degree can be. With a video testimonials spotlighted at the top of the page and several other videos queued below, SVSU uses a YouTube-like design to make this a lead-generating testimonial web page for a younger audience.

Saginaw Valley State University Testimonial Page

13. RevenueWell

RevenueWell specifically helps dentists stay in touch with their clients and manage communications, and this focused approach has won them a lot of loyalty in their niche. Dentists, dental assistants, and office managers alike declare their support in a series of written and video testimonials laid out in a neat grid. This clean, professional layout, with pictures and videos, lends authenticity and authority to this lead-generating website testimonial page.

RevenueWell Testimonial Page

You don’t have to be a multi-national or million-dollar company to have a loyal following. In fact, businesses that operate within a niche and pay close attention to their fans tend to have the most loyal customers. Use testimonials thoughtfully and consider your brand position carefully when you decide how to make your own lead-generating testimonial web page. Ask yourself how you can feature your fans, give back to them, and also build your reputation and position. With more and more consumers sick of ads, these real stories from real people have the potential to propel previously unknown companies into cult favorites—with no need for an advertising budget.

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