If your clients have repeatedly asked you about online reputation monitoring and management, or you see your clients’ businesses suffering from a poor reputation, it’s time to start building this part of your digital agency. The best online reputation monitoring and management software for agencies don’t have to break your budget; you can build fast, cost-effective reputation monitoring services by building an efficient, streamlined tech stack. We’ve updated this post to bring you eight more helpful tools for your 2020 online reputation monitoring and improvement strategy. 

24 Online Reputation Monitoring and Management Tools for Agencies

Building up the online reputation monitoring and management part of your marketing or public relations agency means addressing the full scope of the task. Some reputation management tools can help you address every aspect from one platform, while others address particular reputation management challenges individually. A few shortcuts can help you save software subscription costs, staff, and time as you launch your reputation management services.

1 – 5 Reputation Repair

1. Easy Testimonials (Pro): Choose from over 75 themes to display and collect testimonials on your WordPress site. $599 / year for agencies.

2. Thrive Themes Ovation: Customize, collect and manage testimonials on your WordPress site. $97 / month for 15 licenses

3. GatherUp (Pro): Request reviews from customers and monitor and manage your mentions with the Pro version. $99 / month.

4. Reputation.com: Manage reviews, conduct surveys, monitor mentions and more. Pricing by request only.

5. Boast: Collect, solicit and manage text, picture, and video testimonials, showcase them on any website and the most popular social platforms. $83 / month professional plan.

reputation repair

Removing bad reviews is difficult, and removing search engine results is even harder, but you don’t have to remove bad results to repair your client’s reputation. For example, most people only read about 6 Google reviews, which means adding more positive reviews can remove the negative ones from view. Positive reviews and positive press will eventually displace negative ones, and help you boost local SEO. Reputation management software for agencies that streamlines the process of collecting testimonials and reviews helps to repair the reputation faster.

A variety of programs make it easy to display testimonials and reviews on clients’ websites, but offer little functionality when it comes to gathering reviews. Streamline your tech stack and use a tool that allows you to display, manage and collect testimonials in one place. These review and testimonial gathering tools should be compatible with your website, social media accounts, and they should be usable across different devices. They should also be easy for you and your customers to use.

While Easy Testimonials and Thrive Themes Ovation allow you to post and gather testimonials, their integrations and content are limited. GatherUp and Reputation.com provide a wide array of online reputation monitoring and management tools, but they each come with a hefty price tag. Boast works with any type of website, and allows customers to submit video testimonials, which you or your client can approve or deny before posting to your website or social media. With video quickly becoming the preferred way to communicate online, this gives you room to grow into new trends.

See how the Boast video testimonial gathering platform works >

6 – 13 Reputation Assessment and Audit

reputation management sendible

6. Manual Geolocation: Hone in on your clients’ local searches with this Chrome extension. Free.

7. Bright Local: Take a closer look at your clients’ local SEO. $49 / month for agencies.

8. isearchfrom.com: quickly search from specific locations at any time. Free.

9. Hootsuite: Connect and manage over 155 different platforms. $599/ month for business pricing.

10. Sendible: Learn a reputation monitoring platform fast and manage only the accounts you need. $199 / month for agency plan.

11. anewstip.com: search local and national news. Free.  

12. ReviewPush: Monitor reviews and press for different stores across a variety of sites. $10 – 99 / month depending on number of locations.

13. Brand 24: Track keywords or brands across social sites. $49 – 399 / month depending on number of keywords.

A full picture of your clients’ reputation is key for successful reputation management. This includes all of the physical and digital assets attached to their name, from sponsorships to Facebook pages to online reviews and much more. It’s also important to investigate conversations your client might not know about, such as social media platforms or watchdog groups where customers may bring their complaints.  

For this, you’ll need a tool that can scour the internet for mentions of your client. The easiest way to start this is, of course, to simply conduct a search yourself. What you’re seeing will be (mostly) the same thing your client’s potential customers see, if you’re in the same location. However, location specific searches, niche markets, social mentions or small local news stories can cause some important items to slip under the radar.

You can emulate your clients’ location in your own browser with the right settings and tools. Use these tools to make sure you’re seeing the right results, and take advantage of the right social media monitoring programs. Make sure the functionality and the size of the platform you use makes sense for your agency.

14 – 24 Reputation Monitoring

reputation management with google alerts

14. Google Alerts: Get individual alerts or digest emails anytime keywords your specify appear on sites indexed by Google. Free.

15. Awario: Crawl 13 billion web pages for the full scope of your clients’ reputations. $299/ month for enterprise pricing.

16. Keyhole: Get detailed insights on accounts, hashtags, or trends on Twitter, Instagram and, if needed, Facebook. $449 / month for corporate plan.

17. Sprout Social: Create, manage and publish social campaigns in one place. $249 per user / month for agency plan.

18. TweetReach: Focus specifically on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and get detailed analytics. $199 / month for marketing team pricing.

19. Reputology: Monitor over 100 review sites including Google Business, Facebook, iPhone App Store and more.  $10 – 49 / month / location for agency pricing.

20. ReviewTrackers: Monitor over 100 websites, analyze NPS data and integrate with other platforms as needed. Starting at $49 for agencies.

21. Watch That Page: Download weekly reports on specific pages. Free up to 70 weekly downloads.

22. Social Mention: Search terms on social sites at any time. Free.

23. SentiOne: Uses AI to track mentions and trends for your brand across the web. $299 / month.

24 Brand Mentions: Tracks keywords and mentions of your brand across the web, including social, news, blogs, and more. $49 – 299 / month.

A business’s reputation can change overnight. This is why reputation management requires accurate, easy-to-use tools to monitor the conversation occurring around your client. Whether it’s a seemingly small thing like a complaint on Twitter, or a PR firestorm you have to put out ASAP, the sooner you know about it, the better.

Monitoring your client’s reputation doesn’t mean searching their name or combing social media outlets every hour. A few tools can help you see exactly what’s going on for each of your clients. Google Alerts is one of the most powerful and useful tools for monitoring a business’s reputation, and it’s free. You can get notifications any time set keywords are mentioned, or you can get digest emails at select intervals, making reputation management also less time consuming.

A variety of tools will monitor some or all of the most popular social platforms, with varying price structures and functionality. If your client’s customers aren’t active on some platforms, save subscription costs by skipping full-service social media management tools. Instead, start with tools that monitor only the platforms that make sense. Watch That Page and Social Mention offer effective, affordable small-scale solutions for this. 

When it comes to third-party review sites, like Yelp or Angie’s List, Google Alerts can help you monitor these mentions as well, but some find it easier to use specialized tools, like Reputology, ReviewTrackers, SentiOne or Brand Mentions.  


This is by no means an exhaustive list, and you may find other tools that work better for the size and scope of the reputation monitoring for your digital agency. Remember that reputation monitoring and management is a multi-step process and, while it’s helpful to find the functionality you need in one place, be careful not to pay for extras you don’t need.


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