Almost a third of the web now operates on WordPress, the easy-to-use content management system for web developers and beginners alike. Part of this popularity comes from the thousands of versatile and user-friendly plugins available for almost any function, including WordPress testimonial plugins. With the right WordPress testimonial plugin, you can easily collect and manage testimonials, and turn your customers’ positive sentiment into value. Let’s take a look at the latest, most effective and easy-to-use WordPress plugins for displaying and gathering testimonials in 2020.

16 WordPress Testimonials Plugins for Displaying and Gathering Testimonials

Some WordPress testimonial plugins specialize in displaying your testimonials in interesting ways across your site, but they won’t actually help you gather testimonials. If you already have a collection of testimonials you want to enter yourself, you may only need a plugin for display. Most business owners will probably want a WordPress testimonial plugin that does both, making it easy for customers to submit feedback and easy to display reviews on your site. Here are a few plugins that display testimonials only, or provide a form for gathering them too.

WordPress Testimonial Plugins for Display

stars testimonial display
Stars testimonials is great for displaying star ratings and text-based testimonials.

1. Testimonials Slider: This plugin gives you a wide range of display and editing options, as well as templates, to display your testimonials attractively without coding experience. It does not offer a way to collect testimonials. A regular license is $22.

2. Testimonials Widget: You can display photo, text and video testimonials with this plugin. You can also easily edit and customize your testimonials to suit your site, but you’ll have to collect them elsewhere. Use the free version or a paid version starting at $30.

3. Easy Testimonials: Easy Testimonials uses a collection of shortcodes to make it easy to display testimonials in different ways without coding experience. Use the free version or a paid version starting at $59/year.

4. BNE Testimonials: This plugin inherits your theme when you display testimonials, so it fits right into your site. This plugin is free.

5. Testimonials: You can use a ready-made template or customize your own testimonial display with this plugin. Use the free version, or the paid version at $14.

6. Super Testimonials: Get plenty of easy testimonial display options with no coding experience required. Use the free version or get an upgrade for $14.

7. Testimonial Pro: Display your testimonials creatively with the free version or upgrade with the paid version. Free or $39.

8. Stars Testimonials: If star ratings are a highlight for your testimonials, try this plugin. Use it for free or upgrade for $14.

WordPress Testimonial Plugins for Display and Collection  

9. Boast: Boast allows you to customize your collection form and testimonial display easily, with no coding experience. You can use Boast with or without the Boast WordPress plugin. Easily manage your testimonials, get reminders about when to contact customers, and even collect video testimonials.

display and collect testimonials with boast
Boast makes it easy to capture and display video, text, and photo testimonials.

10. Thrive Ovation: Thrive Ovation allows you to collect and display testimonials on your WordPress site. For one site, a license will cost you $39.

11. Testimonial Showcase: This plugin allows you to create a form for gathering testimonials, and allows you to display them in a grid or slider format. A regular license is $17.

12. Testimonial Rotator: Collect and display testimonials with a few simple, but straight-forward customization options. This plugin is free or you can upgrade for $20.

13. Testimonial Basics: Create a form for gathering testimonials and use sliders or excerpts to display them. This plugin is free.

14. Strong Testimonials: Use templates or your own customization to collect and display your testimonials. Use the free version or the Pro version for $39.

15. Jetpack: Jetpack has a lot of features, and can help you collect and display testimonials too. There’s a bit of a learning curve, and you might need a paid version to get the job done. Licenses range from free to $29/mo.

16. WP Forms: WP Forms is generally used as a form builder, but it can be customized to take star-ratings, surveys, polls and more. These features run between $49 to $349, depending on what you’re looking for.

See how Boast helps you gather and display testimonials in minutes. 
See how Boast works ›

Ask These Questions to Find the Best Testimonial Plugin for WordPress

You might not need too many bells and whistles from your WordPress testimonial plugin right now, but this might change as your business ramps up. These features will not only help you set up your testimonial gathering and management tool right away, but it will also give you room to grow in the future. Consider the following as you look for a great plugin.

1. Is the Plugin Usable Across Devices?

Plugins with responsive features allow them to change format to suit a user’s device, whether they are on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Over 63% of searches are now submitted through a mobile device, so it’s likely that users are visiting your site—and seeing or submitting testimonials—on a smartphone or tablet. Make sure your WordPress testimonial plugin is responsive, so users can easily see and interact with it on any device.

2. Is the Plugin Easy To Use and Install?

wordpress testimonial plugin
Adding the WordPress testimonial plugin to your site should be easy and straightforward.

While you want your WordPress testimonial plugin to have some useful functionality beyond a slider or rotator, that shouldn’t make the plugin difficult to use. If you dread using the plugin or you can’t make it do what you need, it’s ultimately going to hurt your testimonial display page and testimonial gathering campaign. Your testimonial plugin for WordPress should be easy to install, edit or customize as needed. If it requires extensive knowledge of CSS or JSON, or doesn’t give you clear options to change your testimonial display or gathering form, you’re likely to run into problems down the road.

3. What Integrations Does the Plugin Support?

Plugins and applications that integrate with the other applications you already use will give you even more functionality and usability. If not, you may find yourself creating bridges between applications later on using applets or API integrations, which can get confusing, and don’t always work. For example, you may want to automate your testimonial collection process so you can save time for other activities, so your testimonial plugin should work with email automation software like Mailchimp. If you don’t already, you’ll probably want to display your testimonials on YouTube or Facebook at some point. Integrations will allow you to do this with the click of a button, instead of downloading, reformatting and reposting each testimonial. You might also want to integrate the application with Google Analytics, so you can gather more testimonials and improve the performance of your page or campaign.

See the full list of Boast features and integrations

4. Does This Plugin Support Video Testimonials?

Bad actors have devised more and more elaborate measures for creating or paying for fake or unlawful testimonials, and customers have noticed. The bar for authenticity and trustworthiness in testimonials is now higher than ever for many customers. This means that text alone, or even text with pictures, is often not enough. Most marketers and advertisers agree that video will be the new message media to rely on, and this will also be true for testimonials. This means it’s important to ask if your WordPress testimonial app supports video testimonials, not just text and pictures.

All WordPress testimonial plugins support text, most support accompanying photos, but few support video. However, by 2022, online videos will make up an estimated 82% of all consumer internet traffic. Understanding the growing prominence of video online, Boast is built especially for dynamic video testimonials, including HD video, though text and pictures are also easily managed and displayed.

5. Is the Plugin Regularly Updated?

Updates help to ensure that problems are solved and vulnerabilities are patched, so they don’t expose your site to hackers or other problems. As WordPress and many other plugins and applications continually update, they can interact with other plugins in strange ways, and cause them to break. Download a plugin that is regularly maintained and these problems will be fixed fast.

Depending on your marketing strategy and the stage your business is in, some of these features may not be essential to you right now. However, choosing a platform that supports these features now will give your business to grow. This will also help you plan for the future, use your testimonial collection for other parts of your business, like hiring new employees and take advantage of new trends.

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