Social proof is the idea that we are influenced by the actions of those with whom we are socially connected. If one of your friends shops at a certain store, wears certain types of clothes or does business with a certain organization, you are more likely to follow suit. While this phenomenon is nothing new, social media and the explosion of digital engagement have brought a whole new meaning to the concept. There are definitely ways in which our increased reliance on social proof can harm businesses, but when leveraged properly, it can be an invaluable tool for closing more sales and growing your business. Here are 3 ways that you can use social proof to grow your business.

Social Media

Getting your company involved with social media is not just about reaching out to potential customers. It’s about preventing people from shaping the conversations around your brand and directing those conversations yourself. When you engage in social media, you are creating a place for your customers to share their experiences with your organization and allowing those experiences to be shared with the connections of your customers. In doing so, a sense of social proof around your brand is being developed, allowing you to utilize what people are saying to prove your value to prospects.


Participating in social media can be a great place to start with developing social proof around your brand, but sometimes it can be difficult to get good reviews relating to a specific product or service. That’s where collecting testimonials can come into play. Grab a sentence or two of a client raving about you or a video testimonial from a customer. The more you can do to build credibility around the testimonials, the better they will be in helping you to grow your business. Full names, companies and titles are all ways to increase the credibility and social proof of your testimonials.

Customer Reviews

A final way to use social proof to grow your business is by collecting customer reviews. You can do this internally and showcase them on your website, use third-party apps such as Boast, or collect testimonials using review sites such as Yelp. Customer reviews that are clearly from identifiable people can go a long way toward building social proof for your organization and helping you to close more sales for growing your business.

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