Live video streaming has become a more readily adopted form of video marketing. Especially with the Facebook live feature, individuals and businesses can quickly and easily live stream from a click of a button to their followers. One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, so it’s pretty obvious why the power of video marketing is growing. If you’re considering testing out Facebook live for your business, but aren’t sure what to record, we’ve got you covered!

Here are 5 ways to use Facebook Live for you business:

#1: Facebook Live Stream Your Next Event

At your next business event take time to live stream the event. This could include a recording of your keynote speaker, a tour of the event, or a meet and greet with event attendees. Broadcasting company events creates buzz around your brand and helps extend the event to interested customers who could not attend.

#2: Post a Weekly Business Vlog

Creating a blog for your business is a crucial part of bringing organic traffic to your website and influencing potential customers. Why not extend the effectiveness of a business blog by creating a vlog series on Facebook live? To create a business vlog simply choose a common topic to touch on and post a weekly update. Cater your content to what your target audience interacts with most on your website and social media pages.

#3: Share a Business Announcement or Celebration

The Facebook live feature is a great tool to make business announcements. For example, if you are launching a new product, find a high traffic date and time and announce your new release over Facebook. Another great way to to make a business announcement is during a celebration. If you have any major milestones coming up, like a noteworthy anniversary, it’s a great chance to broadcast to your followers.

#4: Live Stream a Customer Q&A

Another way to use the Facebook live feature is to answer customer questions. Spend some time creating a robust feed of common questions and hop on Facebook live to answer them. This is a format that many youtube personalities use to connect with their fans, so it can work well for your business too.

#5: Post Company Culture Videos

Finally, you can broadcast company culture videos on your Facebook live feed. This can be anything from employee birthday celebrations, to a fun group activity done at the office. These types of videos are great for branding because they cast your company in a human light. The more relatable the content the better.

Using Facebook live for your business is a great way to connect with your customers. Planning a live video streaming to enhance your video marketing strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple and relatable content will work best at engaging your audience. If your company has used Facebook live, what types of videos performed the best? Comment below!


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