A great way to build positive proof around your company is through employee testimonials. Who better to elect as evangelists for your brand than those who pour hours of their week into working for it? Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana used video testimonials in their recruitment process, with noticeable results.

Building Company Culture with Employee Testimonials

What They Did

how to use testimonials in recruitment

Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana is the state’s oldest and largest domestic health insurer. Their mission is to improve the health and lives of Lousianians. They opened their doors in 1934 and now serve 1.8 people in Louisiana, with eight offices across the state.

One of their main initiatives is showing off company culture in order to attract high-quality future employees. Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana created an entire section on their website called the “Career Center,” dedicated to recruiting new hires. Part of this is their testimonial page, where current employees can submit written testimonials.

Why it Works

Well-Designed Page
Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana created an entire page on their Career Center website to house testimonials. The testimonials are well-organized, making it easy to skim the page.

blue cross blue shield testimonials
An example of an employee testimonial from the Career Center website.

Proving Brand Claims
Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana is set on proving that their company is an outstanding place to work. Unless people have worked there before, or know someone who works there now, this can be a difficult point to prove. By collecting employee testimonials, Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana can prove their claims by backing it up with sufficient evidence.

Short & Sweet
Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana understands people don’t have all day to read a page-long testimonial. That’s why they keep theirs to a paragraph max – skimmable, but users still get the gist of the message.

As a healthcare provider, Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on their testimonial process each week. That’s why Boast is so helpful. They’re able to automate their testimonial collection process – as customers submit testimonials, they just need to approve them and Boast will automatically post it to their site.

If you’re looking to recruit new hires, or change the image of your brand, start by looking internally first. Building positive social proof around your company culture can be done by positioning your employees as brand evangelists. Use a testimonial collection software to get the word out to the world while making the process painless and organized.

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