Social proof builds credibility for your brand by showcasing your current customers success to influence potential customers. There are a few different ways to show social proof on your website including through numbers, celebrity endorsements, big brand logos, customer testimonials and case studies. Each of these forms of social proof  give potential customers reference of your brands credibility and effectiveness.

Here’s an Over of The Psychology of Social Proof

Social Proof Cultivates Group Mentality

When you showcase your customer’s feedback and growth on your website it creates a group mentality. People are more likely to see value in a person or company if other people do as well. Adding social proof throughout your website and social media sites can increase the number of leads that you receive solely because of the group mentality that’s created around your social proof.  People, by nature, want to do what their peers are doing.


the psychology of social proof through customer testimonials

Social Proof Gives Your Brand Credibility

79% of online shoppers tend to trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family (BrightLocal). Because of this social proof improves your company’s credibility because customers are more likely to take the word of other customers than your company. By making social proof through showcasing your customer’s experience and feedback with testimonials and case studies, potential customers will be more likely to view your brand as credible and become a customer.


the psychology of social proof through customer testimonials

Numbers Give Your Customers Point of Reference

Using numbers throughout your website that explain growth and milestones improve your social proof as well. For example if you publish a case study that showcases growth through numbers for one of your customers, or include percentages on your website, that information promotes positive social proof. Numbers are tangible and digestible so they can be very effective at persuading customers to work with your company.


the psychology of social proof through numbers

Well Known Brands & Celebrities Are Influential

Not only are potential customers influenced by other customers, they’re also influenced by celebrities and brands. Using celebrity endorsement for products or services can be a great way to influence their audience or followers on social media. However, be careful that the celebrity you choose doesn’t pigeon hole you into one small audience. If using celebrity endorsements doesn’t fit into your budget, using the logos of well known brands on your website will also improve your credibility through social proof. Recognizable brand logos showcasing either what companies use your product or service can influence potential customers.


the psychology of social proof through logos

Overall social proof is what helps influence potential customers to become paying customers. Using different forms of social proof throughout your website and social media sites has a much larger impact than majority of the content you share. What ways do you include social proof into your marketing strategy? Let us know in the comments below!

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