Video content is a necessary and important piece of your business’s marketing strategy that helps you reach today’s distracted and over stimulated consumers. Using video testimonials as a part of your overall video marketing strategy is a great way to create an engaging, personal, and credible feed of content. One way to take your video testimonials to the next level are to segment them. By strategically grouping together content that makes sense for your brand, and targeting different areas of your audience with it, it will help you increase reach and be more effective in engaging consumers with relevant content. This secondary step to organize your video testimonial strategy will help you become an expert at targeting your audiences in the right way.

Schedule of content

Here’s how to segment your video testimonials for each marketing channel:

Social Media Pages

Your business’s social media pages should have a similar and cohesive theme across the board. However, following the general tone of each social platform with what you post can work well at helping you reach your target audience correctly from each channel. Customers turn to different social media sites for different types of content and what you post should follow those content rules. Segmenting your video testimonial posts on each social media page by the style, and format of the content will help you be more effective in engaging your audience. Here’s what to keep in mind when segmenting for each social media site.

Twitter: The video testimonials that you post on twitter should include short content that has an immediate impact. If a few of your customer submissions have a great line or two that is effective at providing credibility for your business, use it! With features on twitter, like autoplay for example, using video content like this will catch the attention of customers and leave a lasting impression. Segmenting your video testimonials in a way that makes a short and impactful statement is the best way to engage users on twitter.

Facebook: Its a great idea to house all of your video testimonials on Facebook in addition to your website. Facebook is one of the top places consumers turn to find reviews on a company, so the more information that can be found about your company, the more credibility and authority you will hold in your industry. One way to segment video testimonials on Facebook, aside from your general testimonial feed, would be by the testimonial posts you feature on your timeline. The tone of Facebook is more casual, and therefore showcasing fun video content left by outgoing, enthusiastic customers is a great way to engage on Facebook. Also, with autoplay features on mobile, its a great way to engage a consumer from their newsfeed. Another way to segment your video testimonials on Facebook would be to utilize them as Facebook Ads. Promoting video testimonials as ads will increase your reach on Facebook by impacting even more potential prospects.

Youtube: Automatically sync your video testimonials to appear on your youtube page. Video testimonials are a great way to build a robust youtube account with little work, because it allows your customers to be a main content contributor. To further segment your content, organize the submissions into different playlists. These playlists should be organized in a way that makes sense for your business. For example, if you offer a number of different services, segment the video testimonials by the content covered into different playlists so that users can easily find the relatable content they’re looking for. Youtube is also a great place to repurpose video testimonials into client spotlights and case studies that dive deeper into a specific customer’s positive experience. Videos formatted with youtube are easy to share in the future as well so its a great place to house and segment your video testimonial content for optimal reach and repurposing efforts.

LinkedIn: Unlike other social media sites, LinkedIn is unique in that its users are searching for entirely business related content. In order to properly target users on LinkedIn, its important to find and segment your more professional, and serious video testimonials that are results driven. It’s okay if this content is more long-tail because it should be educational. Users on linkedIn are interested in engaging with content that can help them in a professional way whether that be for their business or personal professional career. Repurposed customer spotlights and case studies are also great resources to include on your LinkedIn timeline.

Instagram: This platform is by far the most visual so it’s important that the video testimonials you choose to feature on here are eye catching and have great video quality. Just like you focused on short and impactful content with twitter, this is also an important thing to strive for with your Instagram posts. Mixing in video testimonials to your Instagram feed is a great way to increase credibility for your brand in an engaging way. Another impactful way to utilize video testimonials on Instagram is to segment out submissions that show your product or the aftermath of a service you provided. Obviously that’s not tangible for all businesses, but depending on your product or service, if theres something for your customers to show, ask them to do so. This is a great way to make your Instagram video posts as visually appealing and as engaging as possible to help you create buzz.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Another important place to start integrating video testimonials is through your email marketing efforts. Chances are your business works to build an email list that includes all of your current customers, and prospects that you’ve delighted with content. Segmenting your video testimonials by your customer groups is a great way to ensure that your email marketing efforts are the most effective for each group. For example if you offer a handful of services, segment each customer group by the services that fit with their end goal, and send them video testimonials that talk about those specific services. Another way to segment video testimonials is to match current customers that have left testimonials with prospects by company type. If you send them a testimonial from a company that is extremely similar to them, its is a lot easier for that customer to picture themselves using the product or service, and also will most likely answer the lingering and specific questions they have for their own company.

tip: Many email marketing applications have ways to automate the process of segmenting your email lists. Utilizing these features will help you target the right group of customers with video content that works best at impacting them, without it taking up a ton of your valuable time.

Website Pages

Finally, working to segment your video testimonials throughout your website will increase their overall impact. Start by creating a lasting impression with your homepage and place a variety of your most impactful video testimonials. Then you should work to build and show off video testimonial content throughout your website within the pages of the content they relate to. If you have a number of services that are represented on your website for example, organize your testimonials by the content that is covered, and place them on the page that makes most sense. By increasing the relevancy of testimonials on each page you’re more likely to assist users on your website in finding content they’re looking for or that interests them. Also, it helps you spread social proof throughout your site and not just concentrated on one page which will help your overall reach.

Video testimonials are a valuable asset to your marketing strategy. Once you’ve taken the time to collect such engaging content, put it to work. It’s not only important to have your video testimonials posted on various marketing channels, its also important to make sure you’re strategic about what content you post. Segmenting your video testimonials in a way that makes sense for each marketing channel will help you leave a more impactful impression on your target audience.

What are some ways that your company segments customer video testimonials?


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