Creating an engaging and effective page to showcase your customer testimonials can be hard when starting from scratch. Just like any other marketing tactic it can be helpful to see examples of what leaders in your industry are doing before you begin to create your own campaign. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of examples that include testimonial content from across the Board. Take these examples and apply them to your own testimonial campaign. What style do you think will be the most effective at influencing your unique customers?

Here are 25 testimonial examples to inspire you:


Text testimonials are a great place to start when cultivating customer praise. Chances are you’re receiving encouraging and positive emails and messages from happy customers so treat these like the bread and butter of your testimonial campaign.

#1: DreamBox Learning
DreamBox Learning Testimonial examples

#2: Planet Fitness
Planet Fitness Testimonial Examples

#3: Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

Hard Rock Hotel San Diego Testimonial Examples

#4: KinderCare Learning Centers

KinderCare Testimonial Examples


Adding a photo of the customer leaving the testimonial, or the product or service that they’re raving about will help you create a greater impact on your potential customers.

#5: Houzz
Houzz Testimonial examples

#6: Nonprofit HR

Non Profit HR Testimonial Examples

#7: Hubspot

Hubspot Testimonial Examples

#8: Baremetrics

Baremetrics Testimonial Examples


Using video content as your customer testimonial is the most impactful way to get your customer’s positive message across. Potential customers are much more likely to spend time watching and listening to what your customers have to say over simply reading. Video testimonials also give you the ability to show emotion in your marketing.

#9: Postmates

Postmates testimonial examples

#10: Chicago Helicopter Experience

Chicago Helicopter Experience Testimonial Examples


Having a combination of text, photo, and video testimonials will help you create a dynamic and engaging feed capable of captivating potential customers. As you grow your customer testimonial feed this is a great opportunity to organize and segment your testimonial content to make it even more impactful for your unique buyer personas.

#11: Web Ascender

Web Ascender Testimonial Examples

#12: Xero

Xero Testimonials

#13: Yesware

Yesware testimonial examples

#14: Sola Salon Studios

Sola Studios Testimonial Examples

#15: E-Z Up

E-Z Up Testimonial Examples

Long – Articles & Case Studies

Once you’ve had the chance to create a dynamic feed of testimonials for your website, elaborate on those. Supplementing your testimonials with more long format articles and case studies about the success a certain customer had with your company will help you convey even more value. Be data driven with this type of social proof to help solidify your point even further.

#16: Behance

Behance testimonial examples

#17: Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School Testimonial Examples

#18: Hootsuite

Hootsuite Testimonial Examples

#19: Groove

Groove Testimonial Examples


Consumers are visual and recognize logos. Placing your customer’s logo surrounding their testimonial will help increase credibility and social proof for your brand.

#20: Brainshark

Brainshark Testimonial examples

#21: Kenshoo

Kenshoo Testimonial Examples

#22: Neil Patel

Neil Patel testimonial examples

#23: Jobvite

Customer Testimonials Jobvite

Social Media

A lot of consumers take time to give their favorite companies shout outs on social media. Why not show off that positive feedback on the testimonial page of your website too!

#24: Salesforce Pardot

Pardot testimonial examples

#25: Slack

Slack Testimonial Examples

These 25 versatile testimonial examples are a great place for you to begin brainstorming for your testimonial campaign. How do you want your customer praise to be shown off on your website and beyond? The most effective way to reach your customers is creating a page that has a combination of each type of testimonial to keep your page dynamic and engaging.


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