Consumers are turning to more resources to make purchasing decisions than ever before. From searching through a company’s website and social media pages, to looking up comparative reviews, the internet provides consumers with an infinite amount of detailed information to aide their buyer journey. But there is a piece to the puzzle that trumps all logical research, and that is emotion. An fMRI neuro-imagery study shows that when evaluating brands, consumers primarily use emotions gathered from personal feelings and experiences rather than information given about a brand. This study proves that if a consumer grows an emotional connection to a brand, that connection will influence them to choose that brand over it’s competitors time and time again regardless of other factors. So how do you evoke emotion in marketing to hook potential customers?
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Here are 5 ways to add emotional appeal to your brand:

#1 Add Genuine Video Testimonials To Your Website & Social Media Pages

Placing customer video testimonials in multiple places will allow you to create a human and credible online presence. Segmenting them by topic will help you reach the right audience with this emotion-evoking content. When potential customers get a glimpse into the loyal customer advocates your brand has, this will create a community around your brand. This community will create a sense of social proof that works wonders at influencing potential customers.

#2 Create Personable Video Content

Create video content explaining your brand’s purpose, showing “how-to’s”, and  answering FAQs. Video content gives you a chance to show off your brand personality. Using video you’re also more likely to make an emotional connection with a potential customer than through text or photo content. Brainstorm what theme you’d like to take with your video content and keep it cohesive throughout your videos. This theme could be humor, sentiment, encouragement, or really whatever kind of emotion you feel would best appeal to your target audience. If potential customers can get behind the emotional message and purpose you portray in each of your marketing videos, they will be hooked!

#3 Share Company Updates & Culture

A large part of creating an emotional connection with consumers is creating a sense of community. By sharing company details, updates, and culture, you can create that community. Each week you should be sharing posts, videos, and email updates that don’t necessarily share a fact, but create a connection. For example, if your company has a tradition like an annual office sports team, let your customers in on that. These small details can have a huge impact on customer loyalty and brand perception.

#4 Produce Emotional Advertising Campaigns

Creating advertising for your company’s product or service that has an emotional appeal is also a great way to form that connection with potential customers. Find a theme that works at influencing your target audience and use that in your advertising content. Videos content that you use on your website, can also be repurposed as advertising content on Facebook and other areas. This will keep your emotional message cohesive.

#5 Be Honest

Consumers are likely to form a connection with your brand if you convey honesty. You can do this by keeping your customers in the know about product or service updates, and having stellar solution based customer service. No company is perfect, and brands that embrace their imperfections honestly will have a better chance at forming a genuine connection with a potential customer.

Taking time to find your core brand message and creating a community around that will allow you to influence consumers on an emotional level. When consumers can make these deeper connections with your brand, this will impact their purchasing decisions and overall brand loyalty. What is your brand’s core emotional message and how to you share it with potential customers?

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