It takes strategy and planning to collect video testimonials from your customers. Once you have a robust feed of testimonials, you should be using them to your full advantage. Taking the time to share your customer video testimonials far and wide will help you impact potential customers with social proof. Besides showing your customer video testimonials on a page on your website, think outside of the box.

Here are 10 unique ways to share your customer video testimonials:

1. Live at an event

Integrate your customer testimonials int0 your next event. Whether you are hosting an anniversary party or attending a trade show, customer video testimonials can fit into your display. One way to integrate them into your next event is to include them as integral part of your presentation. During key topic changes, you can integrate relevant customer video testimonial to really drive your point. If you are at a trade show or other informal event, you could include them in your booth’s display to help sell your product or service.

2. New business presentations

When pitching a new business proposal to a potential customer, use testimonials to your advantage. Adding social proof through customer video testimonials to your next proposal will help you give your potential customer real life examples of customer success. Collecting testimonials that have specific examples or numbers and are detailed will help you sell your point even further and win new business.

3. Front desk display

Create an interactive display at your business’s front desk to showcase your customer testimonials. Not only is this a great place to show off the customer video testimonials you’ve collected, but it’s also a great place to collect testimonials on the fly. This type of display works well for companies that offer a service because you can show real customer examples on the spot.

4. Facebook Live

Feature your customers on your Facebook Live feed. You can use Facebook live to collect customer video testimonials on the spot. Prepare some questions and do a live Q&A with one of your outgoing customers. This will help you bring authentic social proof directly to your Facebook feed.

5. Instagram Video

Repurpose your customer video testimonials as user generated content for your business’s Instagram page. By pulling impactful clips from your customer’s testimonials you can create an engaging Instagram feed for your business. This type of content is great at influencing your followers by showcasing relatable people.

6. Snapchat

If you have a business snapchat, record live customer video testimonials to add to your Snapchat story. Snapchat has been adopted rapidly by businesses. If your target audience uses snapchat this is a platform that you can use to showcase your customer praise. Keep your questions short and to the point and record clips of your customers answering your questions in real time.

7. Youtube

Create a unique playlist on your business’s Youtube channel to feature all of your customer video testimonials. If your business doesn’t already have a Youtube channel it should work to create one. Using pre-existing video testimonials to fill your company’s youtube feed is a great way to have an impactful presence on Youtube and allows you to easily share your videos time and time again.

8. Email marketing

In your next email newsletter, marketing email drip or on boarding email add some customer video testimonials. This will give your email list relevant and impactful content and keep them engaged in your emails. Strategically choose customer video testimonials that fit with the topic of your email, or send out email marketing solely for the purpose of showcasing new customer praise.

9. Slideshare deck

Incorporate your customer video testimonials into a shareable Slideshare deck. This deck can feature impactful statistics and case studies with your customers’ social proof to back up the facts. This is a unique way to easily distribute customer video testimonials.

10. Within an ebook, guide or webinar

Add customer testimonials to your next piece of marketing content. Whether an ebook, guide or webinar, adding relevant social proof through customer video testimonials will help you further drive your point.

Once you’ve collected a strong feed of customer video testimonials they are your biggest asset at influencing your audience and winning new business. It’s time to think outside of the box when sharing your customer praise. Do you have any other unique ideas on where to share your customer video testimonials? Comment below!

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